Leonard Floyd’s Girlfriend Rachel Taylor Is His High School Sweetheart

By RhyssPublished on: October 11, 2023 Updated on: February 14, 2024
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Leonard Floyd, the Linebacker for the Los Angeles Rams, shares three children with his girlfriend, Rachel Taylor. The lovebirds have been dating for more than a decade, due to which a lot of people are asking if Leonard has already married her or not.

On the other hand, there’s a rumor that they have broken up. So, what’s the truth? Additionally, what does Rachel do for a living? How did the pair meet each other? Let’s find out!

What Does Leonard Floyd’s Girlfriend Rachel Taylor Do For a Living?

Born in 1994, in Georgia, the US. She is the one of three children between Jack and Deanna Michelle Taylor. She is a Licensed Esthetician by profession and owns the beauty salon, Rachel BEAUTI TRAP LLC. She started the company in 2020 and since then it has been providing beauty service to all the people in Eastman, Georgia.

Rachel, Leonardo Floyd's girlfriend
Rachel works as a beautician.

Since she is the partner of one of the best linebackers in the NFL today, a lot of people assume she might be an Instagram influencer, as it is with many Footballers, like Orlando Brown Jr, who is dating Influencer Holly Luyah. However, this isn’t the case for Leonard.

Besides, Taylor promotes her work through her company’s Facebook page and from her own account as well. During the festival season, she gives discounts to her clients.

Rachel’s Studied at Paul Mitchell’s School

Upon her graduation from Dodge County High School, Rachel knew what she wanted to do, so she immediately signed up for a course at Paul Mitchell The School Esani based in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Leonard Floyd and Rachel’s Relationship: How Did They Meet?

The couple first came across each other while studying in the same high school, Dodge County. It was on December 27th, 2009, when they met for the first time. At the time both of them were high school juniors.

Leonardo and Rachel during high school
An early photo of Floyd and Rachel.

Upon their first meeting, both knew there was chemistry between them and so they started going out. Though Leonard was always out in the practice field, he made sure to give time to his girlfriend Rachel whenever possible. Of course, without Rachel’s understandable nature, it would’ve never worked. After all, what kind of girl today will sacrifice going out and having fun with her bf and instead stay back home and root for him to become big?

The Pair Became Parents at a Young Age

They had started dating before even turning adults and similarly became mommy and daddy at a young age as well. They welcomed their first child, a son Carter Floyd on September 17th, 2014. At the time when Carter came into this world, Leonard was playing for the University of Georgia.

The second child, Aden Floyd came into this world on June 18th, 2016. The year 2016 turned out to be a lucky year for Leonard as he was drafted by the Chicago Bears in 1st Round/9th Pick. Then a couple of years later in 2019, Rachel gave birth to their third and final child, another son, Bryson Floyd.

Rachel Struggled a Lot To Raise Their Three Kids

It is not an understatement to say that Rachel held the family together. Due to Floyd’s growing career, he had to live far from his high school sweetheart and kids. And as we all know distance creates a lot of problems if not handled properly.

Leonardo with his kids that he shares with his girlfriend.
Leo with his three sons.

In this regard, Floyd sure is a lucky man. His girlfriend Taylor didn’t allow the distance to become an issue. When he was still playing for the Bears, she and her sons would fly to him every other week or so. In addition to this, the 31 year-old NFL star used to Facetime them every now and then.

Talking about being there for his children and becoming a great father for them, Leonard told ChicagoTribune,

“I know they need me, and I want to make sure I provide things they need. I just want to be known as a great dad. I feel like I always have to put in the work to show them I’m the best dad they can have.”

Has Leonard secretly Married his Baby’s Mother?

This question is in the mind of everyone who follows the Buffalo Bills‘ Linebacker Leonard closely. To put it simply, Rachel and Leonard are not married yet.

The Big Question: Is Leonard Floyd Still With His Girlfriend Rachel?

Rumors about the possible break-up with Floyd and Rachel started after she stopped sharing photos of her baby’s father on her social media handle. The last time we saw Leonard on her Facebook was when he won the 2022 Superbowl with the Rams.

Since then there have been no photos of him, leading people to speculate that they may have broken up. However, judging the state of someone’s relationship purely by the uploads is not a good idea, tbh. Meanwhile, in one of the recent photos that Rachel uploaded, her caption somehow clarifies the reason why she has not been sharing pictures of Leonard.

Leonard after winning the 2022 Superbowl.
The caption indicates that Rachel doesn’t like attention.

In the photo, where Floyd is seen lifting the Superbowl trophy, the caption read,

“Picture added for attention!!! I have several people inboxing me about tshirts. There will be tshirts available for purchase tomorrow, throughout the day. I do not know the exact location, prices, sizing, etc. Hope that answers any questions you may have.”

Notice how in the beginning she said this picture is to draw attention to all the people who have been asking her questions regarding T-Shirts. From this, we can assume she doesn’t share pictures of her partner due to all the unwanted attention. She is one of those people who likes to stay low and enjoy life with her kids and partner.

All in all, Leonard and Rachel are still together and by the looks of it, they might just marry soon.

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