Justin Watson’s Wife Erica Is A Cosmetologist; Their Wedding

By GloriaPublished on: January 30, 2024 Updated on: February 9, 2024
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The Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Justin Watson‘s progressing career and beautiful relationship have been going hand in hand. Who is the special person who has been there all along? Has Watson tied the knot?

Bringing you everything about Justin’s beautiful relationship with his wife.

Justin Watson Has Been Happily Married to His Wife, Erica

The player tied the knot with Erica Maxey around 2 years ago. The two got married on June 4, 2022. On their first anniversary in 2023, Watson posted a picture saying he is very thankful to have been married to an amazing woman like Erica. Sharing the same love for her husband, Erica also commented on the same post saying she falls in love with him more every day.

Justin and Erica on their wedding
The Watsons had a beautiful wedding ceremony.

After their marriage, Maxey changed her name to Erica Watson. The pair is currently in a happy marital relationship and also shares a baby boy.

How Did It Begin For Them?

Justin’s relationship with his better half Erica started a little while ago. Erica first revealed her relationship with Justin through her Instagram post, back in July 2021. She had described Justin as “Heaven Sent.”

But, she first appeared on Justin’s profile long after they got into a relationship in February 2022.

Justin with his wife Erica
Justin cutely proposed to Erica.

Just one month after revealing his girlfriend, Watson shared his proposal to his Insta fam on March 10, 2022. His fans loved how he posted a picture of him going down on one knee with a sweet caption referencing the Holy Bible. It went like this:

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. When she speaks, her words are wise and she gives instructions with kindness” Proverbs 31:25-26.

Just three months after his sweet proposal to his beautiful wife-to-be, they tied the knot in June 2022.

Justin Watson’s Wife Erica Is A Cosmetologist

Unlike her husband Justin, Erica is engaged in a completely different profession. She is a licensed cosmetologist. She specializes in cosmetic treatments for the skin, hair, and nails.

Erica is a cosmetologist by profession.
Erica has a very different profession than that of her husband.

As for her education, Erica graduated in September 2020. Likewise, she completed her schooling at Hillard Weaver Middle School in Ohio. She was brought up in Columbus, Ohio.

She also has a sister Danielle Maxey. The siblings seem to be like each other’s partners in crime. From graduating together to traveling to going out to parties, they are mostly seen together.

The Watsons Are Parents To A Beautiful Baby Boy

Justin and Erica welcomed their first child, a boy Zion Lee Watson on April 12, 2023, at 2:31 PM. He weighed 8lb and was 21 inches at birth.

Justin and Erica with their son
The Watson parents love their son dearly.

Justin calls Zion his “greatest gift” while Erica says, Zion is her “sunshine.” Likewise, Erica takes Zion to watch and cheer at Papa Watson’s matches. She calls her little munchkin “Daddy’s Biggest Fan.”

Maxey had revealed her pregnancy in October 2022 on her Instagram, mentioning that they were expecting a baby boy.

Erica Is Close To The Watson Family

She has always been quite close to the Watson family. She seems especially closer to her sister-in-law, Abby. On their wedding day, wishing the couple on their beautiful journey, Justin’s sister Abby posted on her Instagram congratulating the pair and welcoming Erica as her new sister.

Justin and Erica with their family
The Watsons have a great family bond.

Further, Abby used to exchange comments on Erica’s posts, hang out with her, and enjoy her company, long before, she married the wide receiver.

Justin And Erica Engage In Philanthropic Work Together

The wide receiver and his partner Erica were in the news for majorly contributing to “Operation Breakthrough” in Feb 2023. The project offered the impoverished children of Kansas a nurturing and secure environment.

Furthermore, the Watson couple provided funds to construct an entire salon inside Operation Breakthrough. Talking about their contribution, Erica said,

Anything that we can do just to give these kids an opportunity to succeed, I’m all here for it…. the first day I came here to do hair, it just like broke my heart and I just broke down to Justin and I was like we have to do something

The Pair Share Religious Values

It is quite clear from Erica and Justin’s public profiles that the couple are true Christians and share highly religious values. Similarly, on their Instagram bios, Justin describes himself as a “Servant of Christ” and his wife describes herself as a “Daughter of the King.” Likewise, the lovebirds often share verses from the Holy Bible.

Justin Watson and Erica together
Justin and Erica have strong religious faith.

In the same way, in December 2023, Erica shared a heartfelt post on Instagram when her best friend was baptized. Her friend had been an atheist for a long time.