Isiah Pacheco’s Not Looking For A Girlfriend Right Now

By AbigailPublished on: February 1, 2024 Updated on: February 9, 2024
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Isiah Pacheco aka Pop is a rising star in the football scene who has shown his skills since his rookie season. With his aggressive play and running style, the NFL budding star truly deserves his position as the running back for the Kansas City Chiefs. Despite the injuries, Pacheco has not slowed down his momentum in the games.

While his professional life is going well, one might be curious about his romantic life as well. Does the athlete have a girlfriend in his life? Let’s find out about it.

Isiah Pacheco Isn’t Dating a Girlfriend At Present

Good news for all the admirers out there, Pacheco might be single. The young man, like many celebrities, has remained silent about his love life. Whether it is his choice or simply a fact, Pacheco has never revealed his relationship status to the public.

NFL player Isiah Pacheco doesn't have a girlfriend right now.
Pacheco has not made his relationship status public.

There are no social media posts or any flying rumors that suggest the running back is a taken man. Seeing that there are no clues from the athlete himself or his nearby sources, one can safely assume that the hunk is currently single.

Pacheco Is Too Busy To Be Mingle

Many players tend to focus on their games in their first few years. Perhaps, Pacheco is in the same category. After all, dating is a full-time commitment.

Moreover, the footballer is too much in love with the sport. Despite facing several injuries, his passion has not reduced and the athlete seems even more fired up to get back on the field.

There have been various hilarious memes on social media about his running style. The 5’10ft Isiah himself addressed those and mentioned one of his favorites was “Pacheco runs like he bites people.”

He has gone through many tragedies in his life

The young fellow’s view of life has been shaped by the experiences he has accumulated in life. Since his childhood, Pacheco was very close to his siblings. Being the youngest among five, he got away with a lot of mischief.

Unfortunately, in 2016, his older brother Travoise Cannon was stabbed to death at the age of 29 in Bridgeton. The following year in September, his sister Celeste Cannon was shot in the head by her baby’s father.

The athlete was closest to Celeste and they had a playful bond with each other. His late brother was the one who wanted to see him play football and Pacheco expressed his regret about how he never got to see him play in the league.

Facing such loss as a teenager has motivated Pacheco to fuel his drive towards football. He has his siblings’ murals as tattoos on his two arms. The footballer has said that he plays football for his siblings.

Isiah has taken the role of a parent for his nephew

With Celeste’s death and her baby daddy’s indictment, Pacheco’s nephew was without parents. The kid currently lives with Pacheco and his mother, Felicia Cannon, as his uncle tries his best to be there for him.

Isiah Pacheco with his newphew
The athlete is a father figure to his nephew.

Furthermore, the running back mentioned he was trying to get his nephew into sports too, perhaps to find an outlet for his emotions. Isiah said,

My nephew, we’re trying to introduce him to football, and he was out here in the stands and that brought a light to me.

Isiah is the pillar of support for his mother

Losing a child is one of the most painful feelings in the world for any parent. One cannot imagine Felicia’s sorrow after having to face it twice in such a short span. Throughout this all, Pacheco has been with his mama and been her support.

Maybe, the player’s ideal type is somebody who gets along with his mother.


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