Jordan Love And His Girlfriend Ronika Stone Are Marrying Soon?

By CarolPublished on: December 14, 2023 Updated on: February 20, 2024
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Jordan Love is the heartthrob of American football fans; especially, female fans. The handsome young man with a chiseled jawline and a well-maintained body could drive girls crazy with a simple glance. But, have you ever wondered who has driven him crazy?

With that being said, we are hinting at his romantic life. Is the Green Bay Packers player married, in a relationship, or single? If you’ve been following him for long, you’ll know what the right answer is.

Either way, dig into the article below to know all the juicy details about Love’s love life.

The Quarterback Isn’t Married Yet

That’s true, Jordan Love isn’t married at the moment. The 25-year-old only made his debut in the big league in 2020. Thus, he is well-focused in his career in the current day.

However, we’ll not disappoint you further. Even if Jordan doesn’t have a wife, he does have a long-term lover by his side. She is one of the biggest fans he’s got! Want to know who she is? Well, keep reading.

Jordan Love Is Madly In Love With His Long-Term Girlfriend

Ronika Stone is the long-term girlfriend of Jordan Love. They have been together since 2020. The longtime girlfriend-boyfriend made their relationship official in September 2020 through their social media.

Back then, Stone posted a mirror selfie with her boyfriend with a cheeky caption that read, “Have you cleaned your mirror yet?” Subsequently, the athlete also made it official by posting a series of cute pictures with his partner in May 2021; he was her plus-one at her brother’s wedding.

Ronika Stone and Jordan Love have been together since 2020
Jordan posing as her plus-one at Ronika’s brother’s wedding

Ever since then, they’ve constantly flaunted their love via social media. The pair seem close-knit, enjoy similar things, and often travel together. They even wore a couple’s costume for Halloween in 2021.

What’s more, the player’s girlfriend never misses his birthday. On his 24th birthday, she posted a cute photo of them and called him her “best friend.” On a similar note, on his 25th one, she wrote,

25 years around the sun for my guy . I’m so blessed to have you in my life. To see how hard you work while always putting others before yourself is inspiring. You’re the perfect partner for me.

She added, “My twin flame if only the world knew how funny you are. A man with such a big heart, it was only right your last name is Love. I love you forever, happy birthday baby…

All There’s To Know About Ronika Stone

Did you know that she’s an athlete just like him? Well, yes! Stone is a professional volleyball player. She kickstarted her sporty journey at the University of Oregon. Moreover, as a college athlete, she’s set multiple records. Sources confirm that she has her team’s all-time highest career hitting percentage i.e., 0.336. Additionally, she made history by breaking her team’s 400 career block assists record.

Quarterback, Jordan Love loves his girlfriend, Ronika Stone
Stone celebrating one of her victories

Following her graduation, she played for multiple teams – France’s Volero Le Cannet and Puerto Rico’s Las Pinkin De Corozal. On October 3, 2023, Stone signed with San Diego Pro Volleyball.


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A post shared by Ronika Stone (@ronikastone)

She is the daughter of Ron Stone – a former NFL Champion. Her father played offensive and right guard for teams including the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants. The man retired in 2006.

She Is A Supporter Of “Black Lives Matter”

Being an African-American woman herself, there’s no doubt that she’s all about Black Lives Matter.


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A post shared by Ronika Stone (@ronikastone)

In June 2020, weeks after the unfortunate death of George Floyd, she took to Instagram to share her concerns on the topic. Posting a video, she wrote,

It’s more than a trend. It doesn’t end on social media, it starts in your everyday lives bc BLACK LIVES MATTER. Don’t just say it, mean it.

She’s also taken part in multiple protests and rallies to support her fellow African Americans.

Stone Is A Tall Athlete

Ronika stands tall at 6 ft. 2 inches. On a similar note, her boyfriend measures at a height of 6 ft. 4 inches.

The Athlete’s Partner Went Viral For Having “Bad Seats” In 2021

In November 2021, Jordan Love made his debut as a Packers quarterback in a game against the Kansas City Chiefs. However, he was outshined by his girlfriend as she made headlines for having bad seats in the game.

People made fun of Stone for having terrible seats at her boyfriend's debut game for the Green Bay Packers
Ronika Stone “trying” to enjoy her boyfriend’s game with his mother – she was mocked for the seats

Furthermore, people mocked her on Twitter. One user wrote,

Oh my god, they gave Jordan Love’s girlfriend and mom the worst seats in the house.

Meanwhile, the celebrity girlfriend was having fun with the mockery. She posted an Instagram story of a picture of the field with the caption, “The view was better than it seemed. I swear!” This was followed by a skull emoji.

Jordan Love's girlfriend was given terrible seats at his debut game back in Nov 2021
Her repost of the Sports Center post

Not only this, but she also reposted a story by Sports Center later on. They had posted about her terrible seats. She was further amused and said, “I always wanted to be on sportscenter… thought it’d be for volleyball tho.

Jordan And Ronika Had To Go Through Long-Distance During Pandemic

Just when their relationship began, the COVID-19 Pandemic drifted the duo apart. According to a TikTok video posted by Stone in April 2021, she did not see her boyfriend for 8 months. Because of the lockdown, they had to maintain a long-distance relationship.

Will The Couple Tie The Knot Shortly?

So far, the pair does not seem to have any specific plans to marry. For the last couple of years, they’ve been enjoying each other’s company to the fullest and making great memories. But, on the side, they’re also focused on their respective careers.

Even more so, both Ronika and Jordan are only 25 years of age. They still have a long way to go before deciding to spend the rest of their lives together.

Nevertheless, there is hope that they’re endgame and will marry someday. But, will it be in the near or the far future? Well, only time will tell.