Nico Collins Is Not Married Yet, But Has A Lovely Girlfriend

By GloriaPublished on: January 19, 2024 Updated on: January 19, 2024
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Houston Texan’s Nico Collins likes to keep his relationship status as quiet and humble as his personality. But that has troubled his fans a little as they want to know everything that is going on in his life. Rumors about Nico’s wife are especially becoming a hot topic among fans.

But is the footballer married? Does he even have a girlfriend? Here’s the latest update about the NFL star’s relationship you don’t want to miss out on!

Nico Collins Doesn’t Have a Wifey, At Least Not Yet

Let’s not keep any doubts! The wide receiver is not married. Likewise, he doesn’t seem to have any plans to tie the knot anytime soon.

NFL Player Nico Collins
The Texan player believes in standing firm on his business.

Looking at the player’s booming career, it is quite apparent that his priority is career over marriage at the moment.

Does Nico Collins Have A Girlfriend Then?

Nico is in a relationship with Samantha Catherine Roy, nicknamed Sam. They have reportedly been in a relationship for more than 4 years. Even though the footballer likes to keep his relationships strictly private, his partner is quite the opposite.

Nico Collins with his girlfriend Sam
Sam’s first picture with her boyfriend Collins on her Instagram.

It was his girlfriend, Sam who first revealed their relationship in September 2020. And ever since, she hasn’t stopped posting her boyfriend and expressing her love for him.

Take a look!


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A post shared by sam (@samroyyy)


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A post shared by sam (@samroyyy)

Collins’ Girlfriend is a Neuroscience Major

Samantha completed her neuroscience degree from the University of Michigan in May 2020. The 26-year-old is an aspiring medical student. Roy’s Instagram bio says she is a “Chinese doctor in training.”

Sam was a Gymnast and an Assistant Coach

Like her boyfriend Collin, Roy too has athletic roots. She was a gymnast while studying at the University of Michigan. Furthermore, she was part of the Big Ten Championship teams in 2017 and 2018, competing for the Wolverines.

Nico Collins' girlfriend Sam Roy
Sam and fellow gymnasts in the December 5, 2017, matches.

However, she retired from gymnastics before the 2018-2019 school year and joined the Michigan women’s gymnastics coaching staff as a student assistant coach. As a coach, she led the Wolverines to the 2019 Big Ten Championship and Big Ten regular season titles.

Sam co-founded Student-Athlete Sexual Health

Battling with her mental health struggles, Roy turned to advocating for mental health for other athletes. She co-founded Student-Athlete Sexual Health (S.A.S.H), a safe place for anyone affected by sexual abuse or sexual harassment.

Likewise, she was also the mental health representative for the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.

Roy was One of the Victims of Larry Nassar

Sam was one of the survivors among dozens of women gymnasts sexually assaulted by Larry Nassar in 2015. The offender pleaded guilty in 2017 and has been serving a prison sentence.

Following the infamous case, the survivors, including Roy, sued the FBI for failing to stop the offender when they received the allegations initially in 2015. Regarding the issue, the former gymnast reportedly said that:

If FBI had simply done its job, Nassar would have been stopped before he ever had the chance to abuse hundreds of girls , including me.

Sam is Proud of her Footballer Boyfriend

The former athlete not only cheers her boyfriend on the football field but also makes sure to support him whenever necessary.

Samantha Roy is NFL Player Nico's girlfriend
Samantha wearing a jacket with Nico’s jersey name and number.

Collins’ girlfriend is often found appreciating him for his hard work and accomplishments. Likewise, on January 12, 2023, marking Nico’s two years in the NFL, Sam wrote on her Instagram:

I am in awe of what you have been able to accomplish so far on and off the field. From touchdowns to your willingness to give back to the community, it was pure magic to watch.

Sam is Good Friends with fellow NFL WAGS

Nico’s beautiful girlfriend shares a good relationship with his fellow players’ wives and girlfriends. Roy seems to be closer with Davis Mills’ wife-to-be, Tori Wisted. The WAG duo are found posting each other’s pictures and commenting on one another’s Instagram posts quite often.

Nico's girlfriend with fellow NFL WAGS
The NFL WAGS, including Sam, went to one of Houston Texan’s matches.

Moreover, all of them support their partners together in their matches.

Nico and His Partner Shares A Dog

Along with enjoying their relationship, Nico and Sam are raising a pet together and are proud dog parents. They love their doggo, who they have named Uno. They even celebrate Uno’s birthday every year in June.

Nico Collins and his girlfriend Sam Roy with their dog
Uno is a happy dog.

The Pair Loves Traveling Together

Unlike Nico, Sam is very expressive about her love life and loves to flaunt her boyfriend on her public profile. The couple often go out on dates, vacations, parties, picnics, events and love each other’s company.


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A post shared by sam (@samroyyy)

Likewise, Sam has also expressed in many of her posts that she loves to travel with Nico.

Is Sam, Collin’s Wife-to-Be?

The twosome seem to be in a great relationship. Given that they have already been together for more than 4 years, it is certain that their relationship is thriving. Moreover, they look like a good match as a husband and wife.

Sadly, the couple is nowhere close to discussing their plans, nor are there any reports talking about their marriage. So, we cannot say if Nico’s current girlfriend is his wife-to-be, but we sure hope, she is the one.