Myles Garrett Family – The NFL Star Made A Mural of His Grandmother After Her Death

By SarahPublished on: December 1, 2023 Updated on: February 16, 2024
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Everybody knows Myles Garrett is a footballer; however, not many are aware that his other family members were also involved in sports. His father, Lawrence Garrett has played sports since childhood, and his mother, Audrey was an All-American track athlete. Not only that, his big sister, Brea Garrett was also a track runner. Lastly, let’s not forget his half-brother, Sean Williams who is a former NBA player.

It may look like his family forced him into the sports but that’s not the case. The NFL player was passionate about sports from his childhood days. Let’s find out more about this interesting family in this article.

Myles Garrett’s Parents Were Athletes

Lawrence and Audrey both played sports in college and one could assume that they fell in love because of sports. Garrett shared that he took his wife to a bowling alley on a date where they played air hockey. The match wasn’t friendly at all as Mrs. Garrett threw the paddle at him and it was the moment when they knew they wanted to be together.

Myles Garrett with his parents, brother and sister.
Myles with his father, mother, sister, and half-brother.

Audrey already had her son, Sean Williams from her past relationship when she married Lawrence. The couple settled in Arlington, Texas where they gave birth to their daughter Brea Garrett, and their youngest son, Myles Garrett.

A Brief Background Of Garrett’s Parents

Lawrence was born in Dallas to Juanita Garrett. He played sports since his childhood. Garrett went to the University of California, Riverside where he was engaged in many sports, especially basketball. Later, he was his son’s AAU basketball coach. He started a business, 15Flash Marketing, and Management Group, LLC with his wife.

Talking about Myles’ mother, Audrey was born in Newport News, Virginia to Army Veteran Lloyd Johnson and Pamela Johnson. She went to Denbigh High School and graduated in 1982. For her bachelor’s, she joined Hampton University.

Besides, she was an All-American track athlete. She completed her Master’s from Southern New Hampshire University in public relations, marketing, and new media. She also studied Doctor of Strategic Leadership at Liberty University.

Lawrence Missed His Son’s Birth By A Few Minutes

Lawrence shared how he missed the birth of his son even though he was present at the hospital. On December 29, 1995, when Audrey was in labor, her husband left her for a few minutes to grab her something to eat.

He was by his wife’s side when their daughter was born and planned to do the same with his son but god had a different plan. By the time he went back, Myles had already arrived. Meanwhile, the proud dad said that he knew his kid was going to be an athlete because he was one big baby.

Myles Half-Brother Is A Former NBA Player

Myle’s half-brother, Sean Williams is the son of Audrey and her former partner, Roland Williams. He played basketball at Boston College until the New Jersey Nets drafted him in 2007. Despite being 10 years apart, Myles was so close to his brother that he often spent summer vacations in New Jersey when Sean used to play. However, the pro basketball player’s career took a hit when he fell into the trap of drugs. Irrespective of that, Myles and Sean still share a close bond.

Myles Garrett’s Sister Has Won An NCCA Championship

Myles’ older sister, Brea Garrett started competing in track and field since 11 years old. She won the 2010 Texas relay shot when she was studying at Martin High School. Brea then joined Texas A&M University where her love for sports flourished. She competed in many intercollege competitions. In 2014, she won the NCCA championship.

Myles Garrett with his brother, Sean Williams and sister, Brea Garrett
Myles is the youngest among his siblings.

Myles also joined his big sister at the same university where he played football. Brea did her best to support her brother in his career and still does. As per some sources, she often talked to the football coach at their college about how her little bro was doing.

Myles Was Very Close To His Grandmother

Although Garrett grew up in Arlington, he spent the majority of his childhood in Dallas with his grandmother, Juanita Garrett. Whenever his parents were busy with work, he would go to his grandma’s house and eat her famous oatmeal, read poetry, and practice sketching with her. His sister, Brea said, “There was nobody closer to Myles in the family than my grandmother, They were thick as thieves. They did everything together.”

A mural of Myles and his late grandmother, Juanita Garrett
Myles honored his late grandmother with this art piece.

Sadly, Juanita died from Alzheimer’s in 2014. Following her death, the NFL player hired a local artist to paint a mural of him and his late grandmother in the heart of Playhouse Square, Cleveland. The mural shows him and his late grandma celebrating his birthday with a cake. He surprised his dad with this heartfelt mural and both of them were overwhelmed with emotions.

Lawrence And Audrey Show Their Love for Myles on Socials

The Garretts’ love for their son is evident on their social media. Whenever their kid does something, they are the first ones to announce it to the world. These two have constantly shown their support for Myles. Audrey even worked tooth and nail so that her son would get an opportunity with the Body Issue. As for Lawrence, he wrote an article displaying how his son is much more than just a football player.

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