Christian Kirk Is Set to Marry His Fiancee Ozzy in June 2024

By CarolPublished on: February 7, 2024 Updated on: February 7, 2024
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The Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver, Christian Kirk is much more than a well-accomplished footballer. In addition to being an accomplished athlete, Kirk is a loving and caring partner. If you’ve followed the player for a long time, you’ll know his love story is as sweet as it can be! If not, you’ve come to the right place for the answers.

So, who’s Christian’s partner? Last we heard, they got engaged in 2022; has the couple tied the knot? Well, read the entire article below to learn some exciting details about their relationship.

Christian Kirk Is Soon To Marry His Fiance, Ozzy Ozkan

The NFL athlete has been engaged to his long-term girlfriend, Ozzy Ozkan for over a year now. The soon-to-be husband and wife are now also planning a grand wedding.

Kirk got engaged to his girlfriend, Ozzy Ozkan in 2022
A glimpse of what’s to come – one of the photos from Kirk and Ozkan’s pre-wedding photoshoot

In August 2023, they had a pre-wedding photoshoot. Ozkan wore a beautiful netted white dress, while her fiance looked handsome in a mud-colored suit.

The following caption accompanied the photos,

“Mr. and Mrs. Kirk… coming soon”


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The pictures were again posted on Ozzy’s Instagram with a date in Roman numbers i.e., “IV.VI.MMXXIV”. Interestingly enough, it’s their wedding date! The duo is set to tie the knot on the 4th of June 2024; can’t wait to see them walk down the aisle together!

They Were Together For 3 Years When The Wide Receiver Proposed

Christian got together with his future wife in September 2019. Fast forward to September of 2022 – the pair got engaged. They were together for a total of three years before Kirk popped the question.

The entire place was decorated with candles; the light added sparkles to their amazing night. Posting the pictures from when Ozzy said yes, the wide receiver wrote,

“I always knew it was you.. forever”

The NFL footballer, Christian Kirk proposed to his girlfriend of 3 years in Sept 2022
What a dreamy setup! Christian on his knees, proposing to Ozzy

Back in the day, Kirk asked her to be his girlfriend in the most classy way possible too. On 10th September 2019, they were official. He used Ozkan’s love for history by naming all the great things that happened on the day. Finally, the wide receiver suggested they become boyfriend-girlfriends; lucky for him, Ozzy said yes!

In addition, it is to be noted that the pair were next-door neighbors in Arizona. They met on one of the game nights Christian organized in his home. A few people were invited over, along with Ozzy.

Ozkan Is Good Friends With Trevor Lawrence’s Wife

She is a close colleague to Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback, Trevor Lawrence’s wife Marissa Lawrence. The girls often spend time with each other. Additionally, they organize events together, inviting fellow wives/girlfriends of the Jags team.

Kirk's partner is good friends with his teammate, Trevor Lawrence's wife
Ozzy holding a tank top with her lover boy’s jersey number

At the beginning of the 2023 NFL season, Lawrence and Ozkan threw an extravagant tea party; “Let’s ParTea” was their theme. Roy Robertson-Harris’s better half, Krystal documented the event on her Instagram. In the caption, she wrote,

“When they wonder how we bagged out NFL husbands.. we got them by acting like complete psychopaths. #NFLwives”

Furthermore, each of them received customized sneakers with their partners’ initials. Not only this, but jerseys with the guys’ numbers were also distributed among them. On top of this, all of them looked extremely lovely all dressed up, sharing an incredible bonding moment.

Marissa Helped Set Up The Stage For Ozzy’s Proposal

Mrs. Lawrence, an event planner, helped Christian Kirk with his proposal. She and her husband were behind all the decorations for Kirk’s magical night. Her good friend, Ozzy posted a shout-out for her in her stories after the engagement as well.

Funnily enough, Marissa and her hubby were hiding behind in the dark as Kirk popped the question; Ozkan only found out about it later on. Moreover, talking about the good time they had, Marissa said,

“It was honestly so fun, we had a little flashlight on and we were making animals on the wall with the shadows and were just laughing at the silliness of sitting in the dark watching Insta videos withou sound and just having much joy for these two.”

Christian’s Soon-To-Be-Wife Dreamt Of Becoming A Dancer Or Therapist Growing Up

Born on 12th July 1995, Ozzy Ozkan is an Arizona State University alum. She graduated in May 2017 from the W.P. Carey School of Business, ASU. When in college, she was a part of Alpha Phi.

Kirk's fiancee wanted to become a dancer or a therapist while younger
Lovely pair – Christian and Ozzy

Now, although she majored in business, Kirk’s soon-to-be wife wanted to become either a dancer or a therapist. Unfortunately, neither of her dreams came true. At present, she’s focused on being a trophy wife to her dear lover.

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Ozzy Competed Against Her Partner In Home Team

The couple once competed against each other in Home Team, a reality show presented by Wendy’s and Dr. Pepper. They answered some questions about their relationship. Besides, they also played a series of light-hearted competitive games as entertainment. Towards the end, Ozkan was the winner and she pushed her fiance into the pool for a fun little punishment!

They Share A Roof And Have Two Pet Dogs

The Jags footballer now lives with his partner in Jacksonville, Florida nowadays. In addition to sharing a roof, they have two little pups. French bulldogs, Enzo and Olive are the highlights of the couple’s life.