Rayshawn Jenkins’ To Be Wife Emily Lillard: Set To Marry in 2024

By SarahPublished on: February 6, 2024 Updated on: February 15, 2024
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The Jacksonville Jaguars football safety, Rayshawn Jenkins, is popular for his trash-talking skills on the field. However, he is one smooth talker who swept his partner, Emily Lillard’s heart. The adorable couple is looking forward to exchanging marital vows, and we can’t wait!!

With the news of the lovebirds getting married soon, people are curious about all the inside details of their relationship. This article has it all; keep reading to find out.

Rayshawn Jenkins Is Getting Married In 2024

The Jaguars star is tying the knot with his girlfriend, Emily, on March 30, 2024, in Miami, Florida. The couple is finally taking the next step together after more than a decade of togetherness. One can go through The Knot and easily have access to their wedding details.

Rayshwan Jenkins with his fiancee, Emily Lillard
Jenkins is marrying his girlfriend, Emily.

The pair are getting married after having two kids together. A fun fact about their wedding is the party is a no-kid zone. It looks like their little ones are going to have a good night’s sleep while the duo enjoys the formal black-tie event. Even though the Jeknins’ children aren’t allowed in the reception, it is almost certain that they won’t miss the wedding ceremony.

Jenkins And Lillard Are College Sweethearts

Like many players out there, Jenkins met the love of his life at his college, the University of Miami. Rayshawn entered the college as a freshman football player in 2012, where he crossed paths with a sophomore, Emily. Both of them had similar interests in sports.

Jenkins was on the football team, while his girlfriend was one of the top soccer goalkeepers in America. The athletic pair started as athlete friends, but their friendship soon turned into romance.

As with every other relationship, the soon-to-be-married duo also faced some difficulties. Well, both of them had anger issues. Rayshawn used to meet his anger management therapist three times a week. Emily also was a very angry person and stated, “We needed to calm down.”

In the end, the lovebirds helped each other to overcome their problem.

They Are The Parents Of Two Kids

As stated above, Emily and Rayshawn are parents. They have a son, Ace Ray Jenkins, and a daughter, Blaize Reign. They welcomed their firstborn, Ace, on March 8, 2016. Emily became pregnant in her last year of college and graduated, flaunting her baby bump.

Rayshawn Jenkins and Emily Lillard with their children.
The couple started a family together soon after college.

Lillard announced her second pregnancy when her son was two years old. Their daughter, Blaize, joined the family in early 2019. The parents of two are enjoying their parenthood. With Rayshawn being away from home for games, Emily takes full responsibility for their children.

Though they have faced a few obstacles here and there raising their youngsters, their love always wins against everything.

Traveling Together Is Their Love Language

The lovebirds also like to travel the world together. They have been to Las Vegas, Mexico, Barcelona, and many other places. During Jenkins’s offseason, the couple is always vacationing with their kids, and sometimes they go on baecation without their children. It looks like spending quality time with each other is their love language.

Rayshwan Jenkins with his fiancee, Emily Lillard
Rayshawn and Emily like traveling together.

Even when they can’t go far, the partners find a way to spend time on their date nights. Emily often shares glimpses of their relationship on her Instagram. From wishing her beau happy birthday to celebrating anniversaries together, she has shared it all on social media.

Emily Saw A Gentle Soul Behind Rayshawn’s Hard Exteriors

Lillard fell in love with the soft soul behind all the hard exteriors that no one else saw. Jenkins is known for his intimidating looks and lives up to his reputation with his tattoos. People assume the worst of him because of his trash-talking in the field.

But there is one person who believed that he was kind-hearted, and that was his girlfriend. When everyone was against him in college, Emily believed in him. Rayshawn felt safe with her, and that’s how they knew they were perfect for each other.

Rayshwan Jenkins's fiancee, Emily Lillard.
Emily is her boo’s number one fan.

Even after all these years, this hasn’t changed. Lillard always supports her boo by going to games. She also frequently posts pictures of him on social media to wish him luck for his games. Sometimes, she brings their kids as an extra boost of motivation for her soon-to-be husband.

His Fiancee, Emily, Is A Former Athlete

Lillard served the soccer team of the University of Miami as their starting netminder for three years of college. The young lady graduated with a bachelor’s degree in education with sports administration and criminology as her majors. Before she transferred there in her sophomore year, she spent her freshman season at the University of Arkansas, where she broke records with her playing skills.

Emily’s athletic talents are not limited to soccer; she also played volleyball at Blue Valley Northwest High School.


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However, her days as an athlete were short-lived because she became pregnant as soon as college was over. After becoming a mom, she chose a different path and entered the business world. Emily is an entrepreneur and investor now. In addition, she is the host and co-owner of Bear Project BNB.

Details About Emily’s Family

Emily, the daughter of Christopher Lillard and Stephanie Lillard, celebrates her birthday on July 21. She was raised in Overland Park, Kansas, with her elder sister, Catherine Lillard. Her parents raised her in a loving environment. She once shared how her father and mother expected her to attend college just as they had.

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