Arik Armstead’s Wife Was Hesitant To Date Him In The Beginning

By AustinPublished on: January 21, 2024 Updated on: February 11, 2024
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Arik Armstead is a name that deeply resonates with the American football fans. As a defensive tackle for the San Francisco 49ers, he has had an extensive career in the National Football League (NFL). His career, though spectacular, has not been without the ups and downs. But he has not been alone in his journey. A figure that has always been by his side is Mindy Armstead, first as a girlfriend and later as a supportive wife.

But that is not the only thing Mindy is known for. She is much more than your typical NFL WAG. Keep reading the article to learn more about Arik’s wife and their shared journey.

Arik Armstead’s Wife, Mindy Armstead, Is a Doctor

Mindy was born as Melinda Harwood on September 21, 1988. Hailing from Hornell, she has always had the support of her parents, Gary and Melody Harwood, by her side.

The 35-year-old is more than just a celebrity spouse. Mindy is a social media influencer and Instagram model. But most importantly, Arik’s wife is a doctor.

Earning her Master of Science (MS) in general psychiatry at the State University of New York and Buffalo, Mindy further specialized in child and adolescent psychiatry at the University of California at Davis. With a Doctor of Medicine (MD), she has been serving her diverse clientele.

Arik Armstead's Wife Mindy Armstead Is A Doctor
Mindy is a Psychiatrist.

Following her graduation from Buffalo in March 2017, Mindy posted a heartfelt post on Instagram, where she mentioned how it had been her dream since she was 8. Now, decades later, she has given shape to her dreams.

Moreover, specializing in Medication Management, children, and ADHD, the celebrity spouse now runs a successful practice in San Jose, CA. Her services are available online. Furthermore, she also earns commission from her Amazon page, where she has nine posts with hundreds of items.

She Is More Popular Than Her Husband!

It may come as a surprise to some, but the San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle’s wife is more popular than him. While he might be known to more people around the nation because of his talents, Mindy has more followers on Instagram.

As of May 2024, Arik is followed by around 281K people on Instagram, but his spouse has over 535K followers. Her career as a social media influencer has earned all that fame.

Arik Fell For Mindy Because Of Her Ambitions

The couple’s love story will be told for many years to come. The two were introduced when Mindy was in med school. The football player stated that he was “extremely attracted” to her because of her ambition and her good looks.

Arik would always FaceTime his wife-to-be as he knew Mindy would be attracted to him if she saw his face. He was not wrong. One thing led to another, and the sweethearts soon fell in love. And the rest is history.

Mindy Was Hesitant To Date Arik

As stated above, they met when she was in med school. Becoming a doctor was something Mindy dreamed of since her childhood days, and she would have done anything to make it happen.

So, it was not easy for her to accept someone with whom she did not know if her vision aligned. At first, she did not know how being with Arik could help her achieve her goals. But all of that changed when she got to know him.

Besides, Arik was the most hardworking person she had known, and she knew he could push her and help her achieve her goals, which he did. The duo pushed each other to become the best version of themselves.

Arik And His Wife Were In A Long-distance Relationship

The soulmates have been together since early September 2015. Following a successful collegiate career, the athlete was one of the top prospects for the 2015 NFL draft. The San Francisco 49ers drafted him, and his then-girlfriend was in New York, continuing her studies.

Because of that, they were thousands of miles away from each other. But that was not enough to keep the lovers apart. Even separated, their hearts belonged to one another. They made their relationship public in April 2017, following Mindy’s graduation.

Since then, they have posted pictures together. Arik and Mindy would often vacation abroad with each other. Given the athlete’s career, they had become one of the power couples in football. On their fourth anniversary, Mindy posted, “Long distance is hard but he makes it worth it, Year 5 here we come!

It has only been upwards for the lovebirds since.

They Are Thankful To Have Each Other

The defensive tackle and his now-wife got engaged on February 19, 2019, at the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills. When Arik got down on a knee, he knew his then-girlfriend would not say no. Given what they had between them, it was only a formality.

It was a big day for the pair. Arik acknowledged how meeting Mindy had changed his life and wanted to be with her forever.

Arik Armstead Proposes To His Wife Mindy Armstead
Mindy said yes without any hesitation.

Besides, the football player was not alone in this feeling. Announcing their engagement, Mindy described her fiancee as someone “God wanted for my life.” It was Arik who taught her the important things in her life. The athlete’s wife said she learned to “love, persevere, accept, change, forgive, and be vulnerable” with him.

Similarly, engaged for over a year, they tied the knot on June 20, 2020, in Santa Barbara. Melinda Harwood finally became Melinda Armstead. They did not wait to give their fans good news.

Arik And Mindy Are Parents To Two

The lovebirds welcomed their first child, a baby daughter named Amiri, eight months after their marriage on February 5, 2021. Mindy, like the model she is, often shared her maternity pictures on her Instagram.

Amiri is growing up fast and her mother often takes her to her father’s game days. Both of them have posted a lot of pictures of their daughter over the years.


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Soon after, another child graced their worlds. They welcomed Ayla on June 7, 2022. The little ones are the lights of their parents’ worlds. Plus, the family has two dogs.

Arik Armstead’s Wife Is His Pillar Of Support

Mindy ensures her husband can shine on the field. She has been by his side forever. Ever since the athlete was drafted into the NFL, she has been there for him.

Taking care of everything at home, Arik’s spouse lets him focus on the game. However, life is difficult when one has to endure an injury. When her husband was injured, Mindy’s life at home was drastically affected. Looking after their two kids and doing everything else was quite challenging.

While many might believe being an NFL WAG is glamorous, it has its ups and downsides. Well, Arik’s sweetheart perfectly balances all of it.

Arik Armstead With His Wife Mindy Armstead And Children
Arik with his wife and children.

The lovely husband and wife co-founded the Armstead Academic Project in 2019. The organization ensures students from every background get the resources to “unlock their potential and achieve their goals.”

Together, Arik and Mindy have built a world from scratch. Their love, starting around 2015, has also grown over the years. Whether it is supporting her partner on the field, taking care of their kids, being a therapist, or helping the general population, Mindy does it all.