Randy Gregory’s Wife: A Pillar of Support During His Struggles

By GloriaPublished on: January 31, 2024 Updated on: February 11, 2024
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Randy Gregory’s story from downfall to rise is almost like a rollercoaster ride. But one person has stuck with Randy through thick and thin. Is it his wife? Or girlfriend? Or ex-wife?

Given how private Gregory has kept his personal life after everything he went through, fans are curious about the special person who stood strong with him. Buckle up to know everything about the footballer’s relationship and marital status.

Who is Randy Gregory’s wife?

From suspensions to failed drug tests to numerous rehab visits to even living in his car, Randy went through a lot. The player’s downfall also affected his marriage with his wife, Nancy Koryga, and his relationship with his children. Despite everything, he still has his life partner standing strong with him.

Reportedly, Nancy got back with Gregory again, a couple of years after their divorce. However, some sources have suggested that the pair have never gotten married. More on this below!

Nancy and Randy were divorced

It is quite certain that the NFL star’s relationship with Nancy hit rock bottom when he was facing his worst downfall back in 2019. Reportedly, their relationship reached a point where they got divorced. However, there is a lot of confusion around it.

While some sources say that Randy has never been married, The Athletic reported that Koryga is Gregory’s ex-wife and the reason behind their divorce was the player’s irresponsibility. Speaking about this, she reportedly said “He got to a point where he didn’t care about anything.”

Nancy Koryga and NFL star Randy Gregory
Randy and Nancy reportedly got a divorce in 2020.

On the contrary, back in March 2022, when Randy had his introductory press conference as a Denver Bronco, he mentioned Nancy as his “wife.” So, did they remarry? Or have they never gotten a divorce?

Since the footballer is very private about his relationships and marital life, not much has been revealed about his marital details. However, what’s certain is that his partner Nancy never left Randy’s side and is still together with him.

Who is Nancy Koryga?

Nancy previously worked as an Office Manager. Likewise, even until 2021, she was engaged as a drug test collector.

Randy Gregory and Nancy Koryga together.
Nancy used to work as an office manager and pay her bills.

Talking about her personal life, Koryga’s first language is Polish. On a lighter note, Randy’s daughter Sophia used to imitate her mother when Nancy talked in her native tone with her parents.

Is Randy’s wife Nancy Rodriguez or Nancy Koryga?

There has been a lot of confusion amongst fans regarding the actual name of Randy’s wife. Talking about his spouse, some sources including the New York Post have reported that Nancy’s full name is “Nancy Rodriguez.”

At the same time, some other sources including The Athletic and even Nancy’s Facebook profile suggest that her name is Nancy Koryga. Apart from that, not much has been revealed about the footballer’s partner.

When did the couple meet?

Some sources suggest that the San Francisco 49ers star reportedly met Nancy in 2015. Likewise, Randy hinted about his relationship with her through a birthday post. However, the posts have been deleted as of now.

Since they had their first child in 2016, the couple certainly got into a relationship before 2016.

Nancy and Gregory share three children

They have three children together. In 2016, they had their first child, Sophia Gregory. Randy had posted a picture of his then-girlfriend Nancy in July 2016 flaunting her pregnant belly with the caption “It’s a girl”.

As a proud dad, in March 2018, Gregory posted a picture of his firstborn with a sweet and sarcastic message.


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Afterward, they had two children as of 2024. Their two sons are; Roman Gregory and the youngest Jett Gregory.

Gregory wasn’t an engaged father

While talking about Randy’s relationship with his children, Koryga reported that her partner wasn’t an engaged father when they were married. And after they split, the footballer didn’t attempt to have a relationship with his firstborn. Even the footballer said he wasn’t a present and healthy father. He also added that he wants to be the kind of father to his children like his father is to him, and said:

I want to give them a chance to have anything they want.

However, now, his relationship with his children is taking a good turn. Nancy said, that whenever Sophia wants to play she asks for Randy. Likewise, their daughter says, “Daddy is the fun one.”

His partner Nancy is his rock

It is quite evident that Nancy has always been there for her partner. Back in 2017, when Randy was gathering a lot of hate and backlash from the media about his downfall, Nancy took the stand for him and publicly expressed her support for her then-boyfriend.

Randy's wife with his kids
Nancy with her children.

She fired back at haters with a post saying:

You’re the father of my child and I will not let the media and fans tear you down. You don’t deserve the hate you receive… You are an amazing human being and I know you have it in you to be an elite athlete you strive to be on a daily basis… God gives his toughest battels to his strongest soldiers and I know you got this one.

Koryga pushed Randy to manifest, affirm, and meditate

In Randy’s journey of redemption, Nancy was his biggest backbone. She helped him with approaches like manifesting, affirming, and believing in the universe. The family used to do “Monday manifests, “where the pair including their daughter, Sophia used to talk about their goals and meditate.

Koryga made Gregory do breathing exercises and recite affirmations that went like this:

I am motivated. I am dedicated. I am empowered. I am abundant. And I am grateful. I release control and I trust the divine in me. I am a child of the universe. I understand now that life is not happening to me, life is responding to me.

After getting help from his partner and his family, Gregory said,

A lot of people think it sounds crazy, but the more we talk about some of the things we want as a family, the more we keep getting blessed.

All in all, Nancy has a big role in changing her partner Randy’s life, and the player is always appreciative of her support. Back in 2020, when he talked about his journey of battling with negative thoughts and creating healthy habits, he thanked his partner for being his big help.

In the same way, he said, “Nancy is in touch with the universe ” and her spirituality motivated him. Likewise, even in March 2022, when asked about how he overcame his most difficult phase in life, he immediately credited his wife and daughter for being his support system.