Younghoe Koo’s Wife, Ava Maurer, Is An Educator

By AbigailPublished on: February 15, 2024 Updated on: February 15, 2024
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The placekicker for the Atlanta Falcons, Younghoe Koo, is regarded as one of the best in the league. With a few hiccups in the beginning, the man has cemented a place for himself in the NFL scene. Similarly, Koo has reflected the same kind of success in his personal life as well and is married to the love of his life, Ava Maurer.

Their journey from high school sweethearts to a happily married couple is something straight out of a romance book. Let’s dive into some details about the two.

Younghoe Koo And His Wife, Ava Maurer, Tied The Knot in 2023

After dating for a decade, Koo finally put a ring on his lover’s finger, and the pair took their vows on March 3, 2023. Keeping in mind the date ‘2023.3.3’, we can assume 3 is their favorite number.

Younghoe Koo and his wife Ava Maurer at their wedding
Koo and Ava had their beautiful wedding not too long ago.

From fellow high school students to their wedding, the beautiful duo has come a long way. Their loved ones joined them on the special occasion and wished them happiness on their new path in life.

Unfortunately, the lovebirds have not shared many of their wedding pictures. In addition, Ava’s Instagram account is also private. Perhaps they prefer not to draw much attention to themselves.

The Beginning Of The Pair’s Journey

Some sites have reported that Younghoe and Ava began dating in middle school. However, there are no credible sources for this information.

What we can say for sure is that the two were already dating in 2012. Ava had shared the following picture a day before Christmas back in 2012. Like any typical teenage couple, they were quite adorable.

Younghoe Koo and his wife Ava Maurer during their teenage years
The adorable pair have been dating since their teenage years.

Well, the first time that their relationship came into the public eye was in 2019, when Koo posted a snap on Instagram with his lover. In fact, the two attended Ridgewood High School and have been sweethearts since then.

Younghoe And Ava Are From Totally Different Cultures

Koo is ethnically Korean and was raised in South Korea during the initial years of his life. Although he moved to the US when he was 11, his initial upbringing was based on Korean norms. Meanwhile, his lover is a born and bred-American.

There must have been a few culture shocks throughout their relationship.

However, the two have overcome all the odds and taken the vows of forever and after. Ava is also a supportive wife to the footballer and is present at his games to provide him with moral support.

Younghoe Koo’s Wife, Ava Maurer, Loves Teaching Kids

Ava always liked working with children since a young age. In 2013, she enrolled at Coastal Carolina University and graduated in 2017, attaining a degree in early childhood education and teaching. She made use of her degree and joined the workforce at Wilson Elementary School in September 2018.

Maurer’s LinkedIn profile states that she is still working there.

As an educator, the athlete’s wife loves teaching kids. The way they learn, smile, and laugh gives happiness and satisfaction to the woman. The closing down of schools due to the pandemic was hard on Ava, as she loves her job. She is compassionate and mindful towards her students.

In addition, her account on X suggests that the teacher was also affiliated with Douglas County High School.

Ava Maurer hails from Ridgewood

Ava was welcomed into this world as the child of Richard Maurer and Lisa Maurer. Both of her parents went to Paramus High School in New Jersey.

Her mother studied interior design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and the New York School of Design. In addition, Lisa is the owner of an interior design company, The French Door.

Koo’s partner spent her childhood in the suburban area of Ridgewood along with her parents and brothers, Tyler Maurer and Nicholas Maurer.

Younghoe Koo's wife Ava Maurer with her siblings
Ava and her siblings were raised in Ridgewood.

The beautiful lady was also a part of the cheerleader’s squad in her high school.

She Is Into Music And Likes Going To Concerts

Younghoe’s significant other is a Khalid fan and has attended the singer’s concerts in the past. She called his event the best night of her life. In addition, Ava was also a One Direction enthusiast and mentioned how she wanted her relationship to be like the lyrics in the band’s songs.

Furthermore, Koo’s better half likes hearing compliments about her looks. We surely hope the kicker is making her happy by saying it regularly.