Has Bud Dupree Got Any Wedding Plans With His Baby Mama Ivorin Jones?

By AustinPublished on: February 16, 2024 Updated on: February 16, 2024
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Bud Dupree is an American football linebacker known to the National Football League fans since his draft in 2015. While the details of his career and the struggles to solidify himself are readily available, the specifics of his love life remain scarce. Well, you may have had a hard time learning if he has a wife or a girlfriend. Do not worry; with extensive research, we have garnered some useful information.

Delve inside as we unravel the details of Dupree’s romance, who he shares his life with, and other details of his romantic endeavors.

Bud Dupree Does Not Have A Wife But Has An Elegant Girlfriend

As of 2024, Dupree is not married. The 31-year-old is focusing on his career without getting distracted by a wedding. This unwavering dedication has made him one of the most renowned linebackers in the game.

However, he is not single. Bud has been in a relationship with Ivorin Jones for quite some time now. Despite their efforts to keep their romance low-key, we have discovered their connection through their family’s Instagram account.

Furthermore, neither of them follows the other on Instagram or posts anything, as they want to keep their relationship private.

Bud Dupree has been dating his girlfriend Ivorin Jones since 2016
Bud and Ivorin on game day.

Similarly, Jones is always present on game days to support her partner in every way she can. She gets her makeup done and dresses well for him.

Bud Dupree And His Partner Ivorin Jones Met At A Dinner Date

The lovebirds first met at a dinner on March 20, 2016. They have been together since. Jones revealed these facts when she was on Women of the NFL, answering queries from the fans.

Being an NFL star’s significant other has its own challenges, but since the lovebirds keep their relationship under wraps, Jones takes it gracefully. She supports her sweetheart away from the spotlight.

The Couple Is Raising Three Children Together

Bud is a proud father of three children. His oldest daughter, Kali, was born on March 7, 2014. The baby mama has not been made public, but it is surely not Ivorin, as they only met in 2016.

Two years after being together, Bud and Ivorin welcomed a baby boy, Breitlen Jett Dupree, on August 10, 2018. “24 hours later ! Welcome Breitlen Jett Dupree!!,” Bud announced the birth on Instagram the next day.

Meanwhile, the third Dupree, Bryston Ace, arrived in 2020. His arrival was made public on January 4, 2020, when Bud posted, “Another one (Dj Khaled Voice) Thank God for giving us another Healthy Boy! Bryston Ace Dupree,” on Instagram.

Bud Dupree and his partner Ivorin are a parents of three children
Ivorin with her three children.

While Jett is the only confirmed child of the pair, Jones considers all three her own and raises them as a proud mama. Ivorin also introduced the little ones as her own children in the Women of NFL video. She has uploaded snaps with them on her Instagram account and shares precious family moments on her stories, too.

Do The Lovebirds Have Any Wedding Plans?

As stated above, Bud and Ivorin lead a private life. Even their relationship is not that well known. Because of that, the duo’s wedding plans, if any, have not been made public.

Nevertheless, since they have been together for over eight years, we might hear the wedding bells soon.

Bud Dupree’s Girlfriend, Ivorin Jones, Is A Realtor

Born in June 1993, the 30-year-old is in the real estate business. She is a dual agent in Georgia and Tennessee and has worked as a Licensed Real Estate Agent at EXIT Realty Lake Country.

Similarly, she currently works for Method Real Estate Advisors. She has been dedicated to helping her clients buy and sell the properties of their dreams. Apart from that, she also invests in real estate and advises people through her social media.

Bud Dupree's girlfriend, Ivorin Jones, is a realtor
Bud with his girlfriend when she was pregnant.

Moreover, Jones is fond of traveling and lives life to the fullest. When she is not working, she loves spending her time with her family. A native of Atlanta, she currently lives with her loved ones in Nashville.