Who is Kareem Hunt’s Wife? Is He Already Married to Julianne Oser?

By SarahPublished on: November 30, 2023 Updated on: February 16, 2024
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Kareem Hunt, the Cleveland Browns running back, is notorious for his aggression on and off the field. He has been taking therapy to get rid of his anger issues but the credit doesn’t go to the therapy only but also to his girlfriend, Julianne Oser. She has been by his side since college and this couple has faced many challenges along the way but they’ve crossed every hurdle.

This NFL player wants to keep his love life lowkey from the public. They rarely make public appearances together and that only makes one curious to know about the nitty gritties. Let’s find out all about their relationship details.

Are Kareem Hunt and Julianne Oser Still Together?

Hunt and Oser have known each other since college and after all these years together, they have hardly posted about their relationship status. Although they rarely post pictures together, they are still friends on Facebook and Instagram. As per Julianne’s Facebook post, it looks like she was in her boo’s game cheering him on.

Kareem Hunt and Julianne Oser
Kareem refers to Juilanne as his bestfriend.

No official sources have confirmed their breakup, so we can safely tell that they might still be together. Maybe these two want to keep their dating life behind the curtains and we respect their privacy.

Are Kareem Hunt and Julianne Oser Getting Married Soon?

No, it doesn’t look like these two love birds are planning a wedding anytime soon. Kareem has extended his contract worth $4 million with the Browns. Looks like, this NFL player is prioritizing his career right now as his playing days are just starting.

As for his partner, Julianne is busy with her job as well. Hunt and Oser have enough on their plates right now. We may not be able to see him walk the aisle yet but we are happy for their lives.

They Were The Footballer And Cheerleader Couple At The University

Both of them attended the University of Toledo for their further studies and that’s where they came across each other. Hunt was on the football team while Oser was one of the cheerleaders for the team. Their friendship soon turned into a relationship after getting to know each other.

It looks like these two started going out in 2015. However, they haven’t posted pictures together. The player once posted a picture referring to her as a best friend but people were quick to notice their coziness. Ever since then, they haven’t interacted with each other on their social media but looks like that is because of their privacy.

Oser Was Right By Hunt’s Side On His Draft Night

Kareem and Julianne had been dating for over two years when he was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2017. She was right beside him when he got his selection call. Although he sat with his mother on the draft day and his partner was not in sight, Tenez confirmed that they celebrated the player’s big day together. It was the first time, he introduced his girl to the world. Needless to say, Oser was proud of her lover’s achievements.

Kareem’s Girlfriend Is A ‘Straight A’ Student

Born in Ohio to Paulette and Timothy Oser, Julianne went to Anthony Wayne High School where she obtained only A grade. She completed her bachelor’s from the University of Toledo where she met Kareem. Her major subject was anatomy and physiology. Besides studying nursing in college, she was also part of the cheerleading team.

Kareem Hunt's girlfriend, Julianne Oser
Julianne attended Kareem’s game.

Talking about her career, her first job was at Ohio Cheer Academy where she was a junior coach. As of now, she is a proud Pediatric Hematologist/ Oncologist nurse. This young lady was also part of the National Honor Society which she considers her top accomplishment to date.

Kareem Hunt Was Bashed After Beating A Woman Brutally In A Hotel

Back in February 2023, the public went crazy when a video where Kareem was seen shoving and kicking a woman came to the surface. According to sources, the running back behaved violently with a girl after she refused to sleep with one of his friends. However, the boys said that the woman was at fault.

It looks like it wasn’t the first time he behaved aggressively with a girl. As per some sources, he also abused his ex-girlfriend. Hunt made a public statement saying, “I want to apologize for my actions. I deeply regret what I did. I hope to move on from this.”

Apparently, after this controversy, the player stayed with Julianne. His brother, Riggins clarified that he hadn’t broken down after the incident, and that may have been due to his girlfriend.

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