Stacey Dales’ Husband: Has The Divorcee Found Someone New?

By AustinPublished on: March 3, 2024 Updated on: March 3, 2024
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Stacey Dales is a stunning former basketball player who is currently a reporter on the NFL Network. Following an exceptional collegiate career, she was drafted by the Washington Mystics as the third overall pick in the 2002 WNBA draft. 2002 was a year of triumph for Dales, as she also made her boyfriend her husband that year.

Unfortunately, things did not go as planned for the pair, and they parted ways. Almost two decades after her separation, Dales has not revealed much about her romantic life. This shroud of privacy has only raised the public interest.

So, is Stacey married or dating anyone? Let’s find out!

Does Stacey Dales Have A Husband?

Good news, lads!! The beautiful lady, renowned for her career, firstly as an athlete and now as a reporter, is likely unmarried. Despite being active on Instagram, with over 900 posts, her profile is full of prominent athletes and some glimpses of her personal life.

However, the romantic front is quite dry.

Stacey Dales does not have a husband
Dales is unmarried.

Nevertheless, the chances of her being in a relationship away from the media’s limelight can not be disregarded. As with most celebrities, she may withhold the details regarding her romance to avoid distraction coming from a public relationship.

However, if Dales is single, as it is widely believed, hopefully, she will find the one she is looking for. As fans, we are eagerly waiting for her wedding bells.

Stacey Dales Was Previously Married

While the reporter might be possibly single now, she was formerly wedded to a guy named Chris Schuman. The former couple met somewhere in the late 1990s. After dating for over a year, it was time to take the next step. Schuman proposed to his beloved on April 13, 2001.

A year later, on April 13, 2002, the two exchanged marital vows. Furthermore, after six days, she was drafted into the WNBA. Their wedding was around the time to mark one year of their proposal and to be together with Chris when Stacey started her new life.

Similarly, when the two first started dating, Schuman spent hours with Dales on the court and rebounded thousands of shots with her. As a gesture of support, he bought her a car in college.

Stacey Dales had a husband named, Chris Schuman
Chris and Stacey tied the knot in 2002.

Meanwhile, Chris had to hear a lot of people say they could play better basketball than his then-wife, an accomplished player in the WNBA. Nonetheless, he always stood up for her.

Schuman managed the demands of his job, did all the chores at home, and supported his sweetheart from the stands. In the midst of it all, he used to manage to find the merits of the women’s games. They even used to play together. You likely do not need me to tell you who always won.

Sadly, things did not last for long. By 2005, they were divorced. She took her first retirement from the league in 2004. Could it be that Stacey had taken a break from her career in order to save their marriage?

Unfortunately, the cause of their separation still remains elusive.

It Was A Love At First Sight For The Former Pair

Chris and Stacey met in class. The former basketball player was sitting in the back of a class, and Schuman was reading about her in the newspaper. He asked her if that was her “second in the Big 12 in assists,” to which Dales replied, “I was thinking, I’m second behind (Texas’) Edwina Brown, an All-American. I’m doing OK.”

Hearing that, Chris said, “If you were any good, you’d be the first.” Then, he passed her the newspaper and advised her to put it on her fridge for motivation.

The straightforwardness and honest reply possibly caught her attention, and Dales asked him to call her. Two years later, they were married.

Who Is Stacey Dales’ Ex-Husband, Chris Schuman?

At the time of their wedding, Chris was a salesman for Olshman Foundation Repair. He managed all of the planning of their wedding. He even booked a church and a minister and planned the reception all by himself.

His work was not left unnoticed, as Stacey appreciated her then-beau’s efforts. Moreover, given Dales’ busy schedule, everything had to be planned around that, a role Schuman commendably did.

Stacey Dales And Her Ex-Husband Were Parents

While they never had any children, Stacey and Chris were proud parents to their three Labradors: Gracie, Allie, and Cadence. Regardless, the dogs were raised as their own. Like all the details of her separation, the fate of those fur babies remains unknown.

She still has other dogs, which she posts on Instagram.


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When the former basketball player was on the court, her former lover looked after their pets. He called himself “Mr. Mom,” as he used to look after their dogs and do the daily chores of the house.

Marriage Is The Most Difficult Thing Stacey Dales Had To Do

The lovebirds were quite happy when they were together. Chris used to be there for her while she shined in the court. In the early years, the husband looked after the house so his wife could focus on her career. Things changed sometime after their nuptials.

In 2006, before her first comeback, Dales opened up about her divorce with The Oklahoman. She said,

Am I in the middle of a divorce? Yes. Marriage is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. I’m very private. I won’t get into any details.

Maybe her first marriage with the love of her life changed the way she saw matrimony. It must be difficult for her to trust someone enough to exchange vows with them. She may be looking for the right person as we speak.