Speculations About Shannon Sharpe’s Wife Might Not Be True; His Love Life Explained

By CannonPublished on: February 14, 2024 Updated on: February 14, 2024
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Shannon Sharpe is a renowned sports personality in the NFL industry who currently serves as an analyst for The NFL Today on CBS Sports. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest football tight-ends of all time. Unlike his professional life, his love life remains a big mystery so far. Especially, his devoted fans are eager to know who is his wife.

He is the father of three grown children, each with a different woman. Among these mothers is Erika Evans, who is also claimed to be Shannon’s wife by several media outlets. Additionally, the acclaimed on-air personality has also dated several girlfriends over the years, with three of his reported former partners accusing him of minor assault.

Here are some other stories regarding Sharpe and his alleged partners. Let’s take a look!

Is Shannon Sharpe Married?

Sharpe isn’t officially married to anyone at present. The 55 years old veteran sports personality, who is the father of three children, has never talked about his marital status or any potential plan for a wedding soon.

Clarifying Rumors: Katy Kellner Is Not Shannon Sharpe’s Wife

Although Sharpe has remained quite silent about his marital status, several online tabloids have claimed that Shannon was once married to Katy. At the same time, some other sources reported the two only got engaged to be married.

Shannon Sharpe and his daughter, Kayla
Shannon, enjoying his time with his oldest daughter, Kayla.

Whatever the case may be, it looks like they had a connection during the mid of 2010s. In fact, they met in a gym. Sharpe and his alleged spouse, Katy were also grateful that the gym brought them together. Kellner said Bestself in 2013,

 “Working out is a passion for Shannon and me. In fact, our romance began in a gym!.

Although the two were busy with their respective career, they always found time for each other. Sharpe and Katy used to attend Flywheel Sports spin classes together. Further, they also made their gym sessions “dates.” Kellner further said,

Fitness has had a positive effect on our relationship because it is a common interest that we both feel very passionate about. We work out together, and that allows us to spend much more quality time together.

As per sources, Shannon and his former partner shared a house in Atlanta, Georgia. They had four dogs at the time.

However, things between them reportedly went downhill when Katy cheated a former Denver Broncos tight end with a baseball player, Marlon Byrd.

Born in 1981, Katy is the former regional director at Flywheel Sports. She also used to work as an instructor at the company. Before that, Kellner, an Elmhurst college graduate was a teacher at the Fulton County Public School. She also had a master’s degree in instructional technology from Troy University.

Is Shannon Sharpe Currently Dating? Exploring His Relationship With Nicole Murphy

Sharpe is also not seeing anyone at present. However, in the past, the acclaimed analyst had been linked to several girlfriends. One of his rumored relationships was with Nicole Murphy, Eddie Murphy‘s ex-wife.

The gossip about their relationship started swirling in the media when Sharpe shared a photo with Nicole from their workout session on his Instagram in November 2017.

Shannon and Nicole, the ex-wife of Eddie Murphy
Sharpe and Nicole Murphy in the gym.

His frequent admiration for Murphy further fueled the rumors. It became more interesting when Murphy was caught kissing a Hollywood director, Antoine Fuqua at a hotel in Ischia, Italy. Fuqua is married to his actress wife, Lela Rochon.

After their kiss went viral, Shannon’s fans teased him with a social media meme, assuming the former tight-end might be heartbroken over the candid picture.

However, Murphy didn’t seem bothered by Murphy’s picture of smooching. He responded to his fans’ post on Twitter and wrote,

“They’re just friends. That’s still my girl and I love her.”

Shannon’s Ex-Partner Erika Evans Accused Him Of Misdemeanor Battery

Sharpe had been in an on-and-off relationship with a woman named Erika Evans. They seemed to have been involved in a romantic relationship in the early 1990s, as their son, Kiari was born in 1992.

However, their relationship only came to public knowledge when Erika accused Sharpe of a misdemeanor battery in August 2004. As per the affidavit for Sharpe’s arrest, Evans went to Sharpe’s Atlanta home on June 29 to pick up their son. But, during the visit, things didn’t go as per her plans when Shannon allegedly lifted Evans and removed her from his house against her will.

Later on, police officers came to the scene to investigate, but they didn’t arrest anyone. A couple of weeks later on 29th July, when Evans filed charges, Sharpe surrendered himself and posted a $1,000 bond.

ESPN reported that Erika was one of three women involved in multiple paternity and domestic cases with the sports personality in Fulton County civil court since March 1994. There were 10 cases related to the matters between Shannon and other women.

Michele Bundy Accused Sharpe of Rape and Stalking

Back in September 2010, a woman named Michele Bundy was accused of sexual assault. She claimed that the former NFL star forced her to have sex with him, threatened her life, and stalked her. After the accusation, Sharpe also took a break for a while from his role as an NFL analyst position at CBS Sports.

She was later granted a temporary protective order against him but dropped the order soon, saying they had been in an “intimate relationship” since 2002.

The two first came across when Bundy was at a Denver TV station.

Shannon Sharpe Is The Proud Father of Three Children

Sharpe is the doting dad to his three kids. All of them are now grown up. He welcomed his first child a daughter, Kayla Sharpe on 16th October 1992. She graduated from Georgia Southern University with a law degree. Even though the details about her mother are still unknown, the father-daughter duo have shared an incredibly close relationship with each other.

Among his four kids, Kayla may be the one who has been featured most on her father’s Instagram feed. Whether it’s her birthday, graduation day, or Father’s Day, Sharpe is always there to commemorate such occasions.


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A post shared by Shannon Sharpe (@shannonsharpe84)

Back in June 2021, on the occasion of Father’s Day, the popular TV personality shared a photo with his daughter and wrote,

My oldest daughter (Kayla) surprised Daddy with lunch for Father’s Day. She even paid. Happy Father’s s Day.

Kayla and her father Shannon
Sharpe and Kayla on the Father’s Day.

The two were also spotted together, watching Errol Spence Jr vs. Terence Crawford fight on 29th July 2023.

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Kiari and Kaley Sharpe

His son, Kiari Sharpe, born in 1992 from his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Erika was born in 1992. He was a biology and business management student at Georgia Southern and completed his graduation in 2014.

After his graduation, the proud father took to Twitter to congratulate his son and posted a photo of himself with Kiari and his mother Erika.

Shannon with his former partne Erika and their son.
Shannon and Erika on the graduation day of their son, Kiari.

Besides, Shannon’s daughter Kaley, also born in 1992 was a medical student at Florida State University. As per Shannon himself, Kaley was the independent one. He hilariously stated to The Denver Post,

“This is where all my money is going.”

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