Justin Simmons’ Wife Taryn Richard Played Basketball In College

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Justin Simmons has been playing for the Denver Broncos since he was drafted in the 2016 draft. It was the same year, he got married to his wife, Taryn Richard. The love of his life is also a former basketball player in college. Besides, she also helps him in their foundation.

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Justin Simmons And His Wife, Taryn Richard, Had An Intimate Wedding

The NFL player got married to Taryn on April 1, 2016. They were in their early twenties when the duo tied the knot. After dating for over five years, the couple had a private, intimate wedding surrounded by their loved ones. The bride looked beautiful in her white lace gown, and the groom matched her well in his suit.

Justin Simmons and Taryn Richard wedding
Justin and Taryn got married after dating for several years.

Taryn’s friends threw her a unique bridal party. Instead of a traditional bridal shower, they took her to a spa so that she could relax before her big day. After a month of being married, Justin had to leave his wife for training camp.

The Pair Had To Endure Long Distance Initially

Justin and Taryn’s relationship began in their junior year while attending Martin County High School. They started going out in 2011 when they were teenagers. The partners attended their senior prom together, where Taryn won Miss Prom.

Furthermore, the player gifted her a promise ring with both of their birthstone when they decided to go long-distance after high school.

After graduation, the now-married duo went to separate colleges to pursue their respective career. Justin went to Boston while his girlfriend moved to Clinton. Throughout the college years, the lovebirds were in a long-distance relationship. They used to communicate via video calls and text messages.

Whenever they had time, they would visit each other on holidays, and sometimes, Taryn would also go to Boston to cheer her partner on. The duo were in long distance relationship for four years. Justin shared that they couldn’t have made it without God being there for them.

Taryn Richard Could Not Stop Crying During Proposal

After being in a relationship for some years, Justin and Taryn got engaged on June 5, 2015. Simmons told Richard that he wanted to throw a graduation party with all of their friends and family, but little did she know that she was planning her own engagement party.

They were having a date at the beach when he got down on his knee and asked her to spend the rest of their lives together. Richard didn’t ever say yes because she was busy crying. However, she put on the ring and kissed him.

Justin Simmons engagement with Taryn Richard
Justin asked Taryn to be his wife at a beach.

Justin always knew he was going to marry her one day and finally proposed in his senior year of college. The couple started talking about marriage in their junior year of college. He even went shopping with his mom to find the perfect ring. Before proposing to Taryn, the Broncos star visited his future mother-in-law to ask for her hand in marriage.

They Have Three Kids

The Simmons couple have two daughters, Laney Rae Simmons and Shae Rose Simmons, and a son, Kyler Eli Simmons.

They gave birth to their firstborn, Laney, on May 11, 2018. Their second daughter, Shae, arrived in the world on October 24, 2021. Within a year of having their second child, they became parents of their son, Kyler, on October 31, 2022.

Justin Simmons with his wife and children.
The Simmons couple alongside their three kids.

The footballer has shared that he loves being a girl dad. He had an intuition that his firstborn was going to be a girl.

Growing up around boys, it was a whole new experience for them to raise their daughter. He expressed, “I’m just hoping they can be half the woman their mom is. Then they’ll be okay.” As for their son, he is a blessing to the family.

Justin Simmons’ Wife, Is A Former Basketball Player

Born on August 23, 1993, Taryn is the daughter of Sandi Richard and Ralph Richard. She grew up in Miami, Florida, with her two brothers.


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Talking about her education, she went to Martin County High School, where she played basketball, lacrosse, and flag football. She then attended Presbyterian College for her bachelor’s degree in pre-pharmacy. Richard played basketball as a guard in college. She graduated college in the same year she got married.

As of now, Taryn is helping her husband in his foundation, Justin Simmons Foundation.

The Simmons Pair Have Been Together Forever

Taryn has been by Justin’s side since high school and she hasn’t left ever since then. Even during their long-distance relationship, she would travel miles to cheer her boo on his games. Now that he is playing in the league, she never misses an opportunity to flaunt her husband on social media.

It doesn’t matter if he has a good or bad game because she is always proud of him. She sometimes takes the kids so that they can support their daddy.

Justin Simmons with his wife, Taryn Richard Simmons
Taryn cheers her husband on games.

Justin knows how much she has done for him and the kids. He once shared how she is his better half and the reason he got into his faith. He further added, “She just makes me better each day and challenges me to do better.”

Taryn Richard And Justin Simmons’ Unpleasant Encounter With Police

In 2018, Simmons was driving to Broncos training camp with their firstborn and a dog when they got pulled over by two policemen. Taryn was driving the car when one of the police asked her to get out. As for Justin, it was a familiar situation, so he placed both hands in front of him and spoke only when allowed.

The 30-year-old lady explained that they were married, but the police kept asking weird questions. Finally, she told him that he was the football safety for the Denver Broncos. As soon as they heard it, their tone changed, and they started showing their support. Though it was normal for Justin, it terrified his wife.

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