Samaje Perine And His Wife, Megan Haney’s Two Weddings

By SarahPublished on: February 13, 2024 Updated on: February 13, 2024
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Samaje Perine plays as the running back for the Denver Broncos. He was drafted into the NFL by the Washington Redskins in 2017. The player got married in the same year to his high school sweetheart-turned-wife, Megan Haney. They tied the knot during his off-season and immediately after their engagement.

Talking about their proposal, Samaje, who is referred to as a quiet person, did something magical and way out of the box for his girlfriend. So, the question is, how did this shy person propose to his better half? Find out in this article.

Samaje Perine And His Wife, Megan Haney, Got Married Twice

The NFL star got married to Megan and announced it on June 23, 2017. The pair decided to have an intimate ceremony with their loved ones in their backyard before they moved in together.

After being married for almost nine months, the newlyweds had a big wedding in March of 2018. They celebrated their love with friends and family there.

Samaje Perine and his wife Meghan Haney on their wedding day
Samaje and his wife Megan got married twice.

Well, it rained that day. During the ceremony, they had a few droplets, while downpours came during cocktail hours. The bride and groom took shelter in a chapel where they shared a quiet moment.

Nonetheless, the lovebirds made it in time to be pictured with a rainbow.

Their Love Story Started In High School

Perine and Haney started dating when they were 15. The duo attended Hendrickson High School, and that’s how they met each other. Initially, they were just friends. Meg shared that she started liking him in their freshman year, but they weren’t close back then. The pair started texting before their sophomore year.

Samaje asked her out on a birthday party of their mutual friend. He had a game a day before the event, so he told her, “If I score a touchdown, I’m going to ask you out. If I score two, you have to say yes.” Eventually, he scored two times, and they had their first kiss at the party. After returning home, the footballer texted that she was his girlfriend and started going out in 2011.

After high school, Samaje got a scholarship to the University of Oklahoma while Megan attended Texas A&M. They did long-distance for a year, and she later transferred to Oklahoma in her sophomore year.

Samaje Perine Proposed His Spouse In A Magical Way

The soulmates got engaged in the Valentine’s week of 2017. Samaje’s agent contacted magician Daniel Fernandez to help him with the proposal. Daniel was doing a regular magic show when he invited the couple on stage for a magic trick to show their connection.

They were supposed to describe their feelings for each other on a card. After that, Fernandez performed a card-swap trick. When Megan was reading what Samaje wrote, he dropped to his knee with the ring. Without hesitation, she immediately said yes.

Samaje Perine and his girlfriend, Megan Haney on their engagement
Samaje proposed to Meg in Valentine’s week.

Megan had visited her significant other when he was in training camp in Cali for NFL recruits for their Valentine’s celebration. One can call in intuition as she thought it might happen that weekend, so she even packed a nice dress. However, she got proposed when she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. She never thought her quiet boyfriend would propose in a magic show.

The Married Couple Has Welcomed Three Children

The Perine partners have two daughters, Landyn Leigh Perine and Aila James Perine, and a son, Samaje Major Marquis Perine Jr. They had their firstborn, Landyn, on March 19, 2019. Two years later, they gave birth to their son, Samaje Jr., on February 11, 2021. The youngest of the family is Aila, who arrived on March 17, 2023.

Samaje Perine and Megan Perine with their children.
The couple has three kids.

The Broncos RB shared that being a parent is the experience of a lifetime. Before, they would do whatever they wanted, but now they have to plan.

The baby mama has also expressed her love for her kids through social media. Her Instagram feed is flooded with pictures of her little ones. On December 11, 2023, she shared pictures of her children with a caption about how she wished she could freeze time. She further explained how each one of them is unique in their own way.

Samaje Perine’s Wife, Megan Haney, Is A Day Older Than Him

Meg, short for Megan, was born on September 15, 1995, a day before her husband, Samaje, was born. She was raised in Pflugerville, Texas, alongside her sister, Katie Haney.


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As stated earlier, she attended Texas A&M for a bachelor but transferred to the University of Oklahoma in her sophomore year. She graduated in 2017 with a degree in Bachelors in Business Administration majoring in Finance and Accountancy. She also did her Master’s online from Oklahoma on accountancy.

As for her career goals, Megan’s dream job is to own a bakery, as she likes to cook. However, her plan is also to become a Certified Public Accountant.

Megan Haney Prefers Watching Games On TV Over Flying To Games

The NFL player’s wife once shared on her Instagram how she prefers watching games from the couch. Traveling for every game with kids is very hectic for her, and even without the children, she explained how it’s not worth it.

In addition, the flight tickets are very expensive, and she doesn’t get to spend much time with her hubby during matches as the team goes straight home after games.

However, that doesn’t mean she watches every game from the screen. Sometimes, she makes it to the game night with family, friends, and kids.

Samaje Perine with his wife, Megan Perine and kids
Megan and the kids sometimes go to cheer Samaje on games.

All in all, Megan never misses an opportunity to flaunt her husband on her social media. She is always there for him even if she can’t be with him physically.

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