Marcedes Lewis Has 3 Kids: Married To One Of His Baby Mamas?

By AustinPublished on: February 12, 2024 Updated on: February 16, 2024
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Marcedes Lewis is renowned for keeping the details of his romantic life private. With a career spanning almost two decades, you may have heard a rumor or two about his dating life. This has led people to be more curious about whether he has a spouse or a partner. Lucky for you, we have discovered some juicy details about his relationships.

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Is Marcedes Lewis Married?

Alongside his football prowess, the Chicago Bears tight end, Lewis stands out with his private approach to life. With a somewhat decent presence on social media, he has not posted anything about his dating endeavors. So, Lewis is likely unmarried.

However, while speculating about Aaron Rodgers‘ relationship with Mallory Edens, Heavy directly quoted an X (formerly Twitter) user who used a picture of Edens with Randall Cobbs‘ spouse, Aiyda Cobb, and Torrie Browns, who was referred to as “Marcedes Lewis’ wife.”

Nevertheless, we went through the Instagram of Browns, and they do not appear to be wedded.

Marcedes Lewis is not married yet
Lewis is not married yet.

Lewis Is Dating Torrie Brown

The woman referred to as the football star’s spouse is Torrie. The pair have been together for quite some time now. Their relationship was made public on September 9, 2021, when Brown posted a picture of them with the caption,

this man has been playing in the league for over HALF OF MY LIFE… and still going so proud and so ready for the start of year 16, let’s get iitttt!!

Likewise, Lewis’ girlfriend is a retired volleyball player and presently a personal trainer at Royal Personal Training. She is present on the game days to support her partner from the stands.

Torrie Brown is Marcedes Lewis' girlfriend
Brown and Lewis enjoy each other’s company.

Similarly, even off the field, the pair seems to have a lot of fun. On Halloween 2021, Lewis dressed up as Bane while his lover was Selina Kyle. The duo is likely still together, enjoying their union away from the watchful eyes of the public.

Any Wedding Plans?

The lovebirds have not revealed any plans to exchange the vows. As Lewis and Torrie have been together for a while now, it may not be far away from them.

Hopefully, if they ever decide to take their relationship to the next level, they will share the news with their followers.

One of Marcedes Lewis’ Three Children Is With An Adult star

While Marcedes is yet to settle down, he has already embraced parenthood. Lewis is a father of three kids, all of them with different women. He has only ever shared pictures with his adorable daughter, Londyn Lewis. His little angel was born in 2010.

Londyn’s mother had her custody, and he was only allowed to be with her one week a month during the football season. However, the arrangement was made public in 2012 and may have changed over time.

In an interview, he shared the details of his baby mama. She lives in Southern California, and Lewis has known her since she was 16. He also revealed that Londyn’s mother was a volleyball player. While Lewis’ current girlfriend also played volleyball and is from California, they are not the same.

Marcedes Lewis has three children with three women
Lewis attending an event with his daughter, Londyn.

Meanwhile, Lewis shares a son with Savannah Stern, an adult star. The kid was five months old in January 2015. After the tight end filed for sole custody of their child, Stern caused a scene at his apartment, compelling the building staffers to call the authorities.

Moreover, the details of the third child remain ambiguous. Nevertheless, being a father means a lot to Lewis. He has posted several snaps of his daughter on his social media. The one week time they spent together means a lot to him. He used to pick her up when it was her time to be with him.

Video: Marcedes Lewis talks about parenting

Lewis Previously Dated A TV Personality

Lewis had been in a relationship with Olivia Pierson, the renowned television and internet personality, since 2015. Things ended amidst controversy between them in 2016.

While things had not been going well between them, seeing him at a party ultimately led to their end. Pierson was at a La Nuit Black Carpet party at the Sofitel Hotel when she spotted Marcedes in the crowd. Even he had not expected to see his then-girlfriend there.

Even though he was at the party, he had not even informed his then-partner that he was in the town. So, she confronted him, and they broke up. Although multiple sources state Olivia and Lewis are dating, the truth is far from it.