Morgan Moses’ Wife Already Had a Daughter When They Met

By SarahPublished on: September 25, 2023 Updated on: February 8, 2024
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Morgan Moses, the Baltimore Ravens offensive end, had his fair share of ups and downs in his journey but there is one person who was there from the beginning, supporting him in his decisions, and that is none other than his wife, Jessica Moses.

The fans envy the fairytale relationship between Moses and his spouse and are curious about their love life. If you are just as excited as us to learn more about their relationship, this article is for you.

The following article provides an in-depth history of their relationship.

Morgan Moses and His Wife Started Dating During College Days

Morgan married Jessica Marie in May 2018. The couple have been married for just around five years, however, they dated for over five years before taking their relationship to the next level.

The married couple’s love journey started somewhere around 2013. When they started dating, Morgan was playing football for the Virginia Cavaliers at the University of Virginia.

Morgan Moses and his wife Jessica Marie.
Morgan married Jessica in 2018.

Meanwhile, Moses revealed that Jessica used to work at the hospital at UVA when he played for the University of Virginia and that’s how they crossed each other’s paths. The duo then started to hang out which eventually led them to begin dating.

Marie Was A Single Mother Before She Met Moses

Jessica already had a daughter, Natalia before Morgan walked into her life. The details of her birth and her father weren’t something she wanted to share with the public. However, Moses didn’t seem to mind having a little girl on a date.

He has even shared how they couldn’t be reckless during college as there was someone looking up to them.

Morgan Proposed To Jessica On His Graduation Day

Moses made the custom ring for Jessica which he whipped out after he walked across the stage on his graduation.

Marie knew it was happening sooner or later as they had gone ring shopping together but it was an emotional experience for her to finally say “Yes” to the love of her life.

Morgan And Jessica Are The Parents Of Four Children

Happily married for over 6 years, the husband and wife are blessed with three kids; Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Kyrie.

Besides, the couple also has a daughter Natalia, the eldest among her siblings, from Jessica’s previous relationship. The lovebirds gave birth to three sons after and now the family of six lives their lives happily.

They Love Their Parent Duties

Though it is hard being a parent, the lovebirds love being parents and seeing their kids grow. Morgan shared that he loved being a father during a conversation with Washington Commanders even before he got married. In his words,

Being a father is an amazing thing. I became a father at a young age. My fiancée, soon to be wife, had a daughter when I came into her life, so the things I used to do as a college student, I couldn’t do anymore, because I had someone looking up to me.

In a video of ” Redskins Life“, Moses shares the depth of their life. He expressed how his wife has to take on a lot of responsibilities when he is away for a game. And for such comprises, he says his beloved is strong and respects her for that.

Morgan Has A Tattoo Symbolizing Their Marriage

Moses is a big tattoo lover and his whole back is tattooed. Along with his jersey number tattooed on the center of his back, he had portraits of his kids on the sides. The top of his back is covered with the tattoo of his and his spouse’s hand, Jessica symbolizing their companionship.

Jessica Is a Supportive Wife

Marie has been there through Morgan’s ups and downs in his footballing career. She was there with him during the 2014 NFL Draft when he got drafted.

Morgan and his better half with their two sons
Morgan’s wife, Jessica came with the kids to cheer him.

Moses frequently shares how his wife had been a supportive figure in his career. She usually goes to the games with the kids to cheer her spouse.

Marie’s Life Before Moses

Jessica is very private about her life despite being in the constant spotlight with her husband. Her early life details such as her birthplace and birthday are not disclosed but she looks as if she is in her early 30s. She met Morgan in Virginia, so we can assume that she is a Virginia native.

She seems to be interested in the medical field as she used to work in a medical clinic. However, we are not exactly sure of her work right now.

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