From Roquan Smith’s Marital Status to His Relationship with Abella Danger

By GloriaPublished on: October 11, 2023 Updated on: February 16, 2024
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Don’t know about Roquan Smith himself, but the netizens are obsessed with the linebacker’s wife! We for one, are still trying to figure out about Roquan’s mysterious partner.

But wait…when did Roquan get married? Why was there no news? Did he not post a picture with Abella Danger, his rumored girlfriend? Don’t worry about any of these concerns because we’ve got you all covered right here!

What about Roquan Smith’s Marriage?

Let’s break the mystery now!

Roquan is not married and he is reportedly not dating anybody at the moment.

Talking about his relationships, Roquan is reported to have had at least one relationship in the past. However, for the private person that Roquan is, it is a possibility that he may have had more than one relationship and just not shared it with the public.

Smith Weighs His Career Over His Love Life

Even though not much has been reported about Roquan’s love life, we are sure about two things; First, Roquan keeps his love life extremely private, and second, Roquan’s priority at the moment is his career.

Roquan Smith prioritizes his football career over his love life
Roquan Smith prioritizes his football career over his love life

Whenever he talks about his game, he speaks with the utmost sense of priority and zeal. Smith gratefully says he loves football and the game has given him so much. In fact, Smith has a motto that says, “Whatever God wants me to go through, I’ll do it chin up, chest out, sunset, no regret.

He is said to be a tackling machine who never lets his bullseye off the target.

What’s All the Fuss with Roquan Smith Dating Abella Danger?

The internet broke after Roquan shared a picture of the adult actress Abella Danger on a party boat. Abella was seen wearing the Chicago Bears hat in the story, which was the team Roquan used to play for. This instance kept the netizens wondering whether the duo was dating or it was just a one-time thing.

Adding to the mystery, no statements were made by either of the duo to confirm the news on their dating status. So, we cannot be sure if they are dating or if the picture was just a friendly meeting.


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Along with the story, another video of the alleged duo was also circulated over the internet. Interestingly, the video featured Roquan and Abella having some fun getting drunk in the party boat. Many of Roquan’s fans bashed him for partying with the adult star.

On the other hand, Roquan having fun on a party boat amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 sparked a little bit of chaos among the netizens. Roquan’s fans were quite worried about his health safety, for he was not following any social distancing protocol.

Likewise, he was heavily criticized for being hypocritical for asking his fans to practice social distancing and not doing the same himself.

Roquan Talks about “Wife and Kids”

Roquan instantly got to the floor and took the leadership of the defense after switching to the Baltimore Ravens from the Chicago Bears. With his outspoken and quirky nature, he is often found expressing his zeal to beat his opponent.

Roquan Smith is a linebacker for Baltimore Ravens
Smith grew up in Georgia

In September 2023, he went a little overboard and dragged something personal in the name of competition. And obviously, it had to go viral!

When asked about his role as a division rival against other teams, especially the Cleveland Browns, Smith said,

At the end of the day, you’re considered the bad guy because you’re going into essentially another man’s house, and you’re trying to take over his wife, kids, (and) everyone is there to watch them. So, we’re going over there to beat their tails in front of their wife and kids.

From this only, we can understand how competitive he is when it comes to football.