Josh Allen’s Sister Makenna Allen Is a Three Sport Athlete

By RhyssPublished on: October 12, 2023 Updated on: February 14, 2024
Birthday January 14, 2001
Birthplace Firebaugh, California
Age 23 years
Brother Josh Allen
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A member of the Allen family, Makenna Allen is also blessed with the same athletic gene as her older bro, Josh Allen, quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. During her time in high school, she played and excelled in three different sports making her athleticism ability on par with Josh, if not better.

Though the Allen family rarely ever gets into trouble, back in August 2023, Makenna stirred up a hornet’s nest after a Twitter user said that she was anti-trans. So what’s the truth? Let’s find out all about her life in detail here today.

Makenna Allen Was Brought Up in a Massive Cotton Farm

Josh Allen’s sister is the youngest member of the family so naturally she was the darling of the house. She came knocking onto this world on January 14th, 2001 as the second daughter between LaVonne and Joel Allen.

Alongside her three siblings, she spent her childhood on a 3000-acre cotton farm. The Allen family had been living in this massive property since the early 1900s. Her great-grandfather moved to the location during the Great Depression and eventually settled there. The enormous farm was set up by her grandfather.

Makenna Allen Josh Allen sister
Makenna (far left) with her parents and siblings.

All four of the Allen siblings had plenty of areas to play around. Moreover, during their early childhood, they used to help out their mom and dad. In an interview with LA Times, their dad Joel mentioned that Josh used to carry irrigation pipes and also help remove weeds from the cotton plants.

Makenna is a Three-Sport Athlete in High School

She studied at the Marco Antonio Firebaugh High School in Lynchwood, CA. During her time in the school, she played not one but three different sports. Makenna was a Volleyball, Basketball, and Baseball player.

Not only did she play three sports, she excelled in all of them as well. From 2016 to 2018, she won the Player of the Game trophy numerous times showing her skill as a sportsperson.

Her family was incredibly supportive of her career, especially her big bro Josh. Back in 2017, Josh told StarTribune that he was sad that he wouldn’t be able to attend his sister’s Basketball game due to his schedule.

He said, “I’m anxious to get home in January and February and get to see her play some basketball.”

Joshua further added, “… Basketball is her main sport. She plays volleyball, basketball and softball, so she’s a three-sport athlete as well. She definitely has some good genes.”

Makenna Allen Seems to be Interested in Farming Business Now

After finishing up her high school education, she enrolled at the University of Arizona in 2019 where she studied Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture Business and Management. She graduated from the university in 2022.

Makenna Allen with her sister Nicala
Makenna studied the Agriculture business.

Judging by her degree, it seems plausible that she might be looking to expand on her family’s profession. As an Agriculture Business graduate, surely she is planning on doing something big on her massive 3000-acre land, just like her bro Josh who is planning on planting 1000 acres of Pistachios.

Her Siblings are Doing Well In their Professional Career

LaVonne and Joel sure raised four talented kids. Their oldest child, a daughter Nicala Allen, was born on March 8th, 1995. A graduate of California State University, she currently works as a real estate agent for Realty Concepts. Aside from this, she has worked in the NGO, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

The second born, Josh Allen, was born on May 21st, 1996. As we all know, he is the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. He has been with the company since his 2018 draft. Besides, he played college football for Reedley CC and Wyoming.

The second son of the family, Jason was born in the year 1997. He is a graduate of Fresno State University where he got an Agriculture Business in January 2019. Just like Makenna, he too studied at the Firebaugh High School where he used to play baseball and basketball, where he even became MVP two times.

Is Makenna Allen Dating Someone?

Well, Makenna lives a secret life due to which she has not revealed anyone as her boyfriend for now. Even if she is dating someone, let’s hope she has the seal of approval from her big bro Josh, who is quite protective of his sisters.

Josh once joked with StarTribune that he is going home to put a boy his sister Nicala was seeing ‘into his place.’ Let’s hope whoever Makenna is dating or will date is accepted by her older brother.

Makenna (Left) with her mom (center) and sister Nicala.
Makenna (Left) with her mom (center) and sister Nicala.

Meanwhile, all three of Makenna’s siblings have been in a relationship. The oldest Nicala has been married to Brayden Madden since 2021. The third born, Jason is also a married man who exchanged vows with Delani Allen on 2nd April 2021. Lastly, Makenna’s brother Josh, as of 2023, is rumored to be dating singer, Hailee Steinfeld. He previously dated Brittany Williams for two years.

Josh’s Girlfriend Hailee Steinfeld’s Fans Accused Makenna of Being an Anti-Trans

Since Josh and Hailee’s relationship caught the media’s attention, a lot of Steinfeld’s die-hard fans started searching all about Josh’s family, something which is totally normal for any fandom. During one of these curious journeys, a fan stumbled upon Makenna’s Twitter account where they started unearthing her liked tweets.

While looking over the tweets that Makenna has liked, the user found a lot of posts spouting Anti-Trans remarks. The user then went ahead and shared screenshots of all the tweets she liked and it received a massive public backlash.

Makenna and Josh none of them came forward and addressed the issue. Instead, many of Josh’s die-hard fans started calling the user a snowflake for sharing such posts.

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