Gardner Minshew’s Girlfriend – Has He Found The Love of His Life

By AustinPublished on: February 7, 2024 Updated on: February 7, 2024
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Gardner Minshew is a familiar name to the football fans. A quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts in the National Football League, Minshew is recognized for a lot more than his talents on the field. His distinctive style and stunning physique are among the features that have catapulted him into popularity. Because of that, curiosity about his dating life has soared.

Without further ado, let’s get right into Minshew’s life and break down his romantic encounters.

Does Gardner Minshew Have A Girlfriend?

Despite maintaining an active presence on social media, the football star has not posted much about his personal life. While he posts a lot of pictures with his family, particularly his sisters, Meredith Minshew and Callie Minshew, the romantic front has been quite dry. So, Minshew may not be dating anyone.

His current focus appears to be on his career.

The Indianapolis Colts quarterback, Gardner Minshew is single
The Indianapolis Colts quarterback, Gardner Minshew is single.

The 28-year-old athlete is renowned for his good looks and charms apart from his performance on the field. That’s the reason fans have a hard time believing Minshew is single. Well, some might even take a sigh of relief. However, the chances of him being in a relationship away from the spotlight can not be ruled out.

Likewise, being an NFL star’s significant other has its own challenges. The outraged fans often leave negative comments about football players’ partners, too. So, Minshew keeping the details of his partner, if he has any, under wraps may be a possibility.

The Ladies Frequently Appearing on His Instagram

Someone casually going through Gardner’s Instagram account may be surprised to find him posting a lot of pictures with beautiful women. However, upon opening the post, one will realize they are his sisters, Meredith and Callie.

Gardner Minshew shares a good bond with his sisters Meredith and Callie Minshew
Minshew often posts pictures with his sisters on social media

The quarterback seems pretty close to his siblings and celebrates her achievements and milestones regularly.

Could Gardner Be Looking For His Forever?

Playing football since he was a child, Minshew’s professional career spans over a decade, including his high school and collegiate career. He has maintained an active social media presence since 2013. Despite that, there is nothing about him being in a relationship.

The handsome hunk may have had trouble finding anyone as his focus has always been on football, striving to become one of the best quarterbacks in the country.

So, when the athlete is ready, we hope he finds the one he has been looking for.

Gardner Minshew Was Offered Money To Become An Adult Star

People often state that Minshew looks like a 1970s adult movie star because of his signature mustache and outfit. One adult website even offered the NFL star $1 million in 2019.

Gardner Minshew was offered money to become a adult star
Minshew was offered money to become an adult star.

Although Gardner did not say anything about the offer, an adult film actress, Farrah Abraham, warned him about it. Talking about the Colts player, Abraham said, “Isn’t he closing a $20 million deal in football? If I was his manager, I’d be closing that $20 million, if not $60 million next year, come on! Let the offer sit. It’s flattering, but a real career is also more longevity.

Minshew Is Popular Among Female Football Fans

As stated above, Gardner’s good looks and charms have made him a beloved figure among football fans. It is not just his skills they are fond of. From being in the stadium just to see him to wearing a printed t-shirt with his face, his female fans go to lengths to express their fondness for the star.


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Furthermore, they are also seen leaving comments on Gardner’s Instagram photos. While he is single at the moment, only time will tell who he will share his life with.