Who Is Josh Sills’ Girlfriend? Was Once Accused of Rape

By SarahPublished on: February 7, 2024 Updated on: February 9, 2024
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The Indianapolis Colts offensive guard, Josh Sills made headlines when he was charged for allegedly involving in sexual activity with his former classmate without her consent. His career took a huge turn from this incident. Only a few know about the internal details of the incident and many people have assumed that the victim was his girlfriend. But the question is did he rape his own girlfriend? If not, who is the rumored victim?

Find out about his current partner and past relationships in this article.

Josh Sills Doesn’t Have a Girlfriend Right Now

Sills is currently single. He is very private about his personal life and has even kept his Instagram account private. With little information about his love life, he is presumed to be enjoying his singlehood.

He Had a Girlfriend In College

Josh used to play football at West Virginia University. During his college years, he was dating his fellow mates. Though we don’t know the name of the mysterious lady, the two were in a long-term relationship before their break-up. The player once shared how his former partner helped him dye his hair. He once had a mullet hairstyle in college and his then-lover did his coloring. He laughingly said, “It was more or less ‘it’s your hair, do whatever you want with it.”

Josh Sills, Indianapolis Colts offensive guard.
Josh previously dated a girl while in college.

The former couple broke up after dating for some time but Sills is reluctant to disclose the reason behind their separation.

Josh Allegedly Raped His Former High School Classmate

In December 2019, Sills was involved in sexual activity with his former high school classmate against her consent in Guernsey County. He was charged with raping and kidnapping his Meadowbrook High School’s former classmate in Ohio.

Josh Sills was charged with kidnapping and rape case.
Josh allegedly raped his former high school classmate.

As per sources, he drove the victim, MM, and her friend, Breanna Woods home after hanging out in a cafe in Mt. Ephraim. After Breanna left the truck, he reportedly grabbed MM by her ponytail and tried to kiss her in the truck. Josh then got on top of her and allegedly pulled off her pants and touched her down there. She was forced to perform oral sex for about 20 minutes. He forced her to comply with his needs and after he was finished, he demanded she talk to him again.

The Victim’s Friend Testified Against The Player

Breanna Woods, the friend of the victim who was with her before the crime testified to it in front of the judge. She reported that she was in the truck with them but was too drunk to make sense of the situation and fell asleep on the way. When they reached the house, she went inside first and when she woke up the next morning, her friend was lying beside her upset. She was interviewed back in 2019 by the detectives about the crime and she testified again in 2023 for law suit.

Sills Was Free From The Charges In 2023

On August 4, 2023, Josh’s charges of kidnapping and raping were dropped and he was removed from the commissioner’s exempt list. The player wasn’t allowed to participate in games or travel with the Philadelphia Eagles team during that time. He thanked the jury after the verdict was read and said, ” I have done nothing wrong.”

The court hearing legally started in early 2023 when he was indicted by a grand jury in Guernsey County, Ohio. He appeared in court on February 16, a few days after the Eagles played against the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. Sills returned as an active rooster once the NFL removed him from the commissioner’s exempt list.

Josh’s First Priority Right Now Is His Career

He has been committed to the Indianapolis Colts since 2023. He signed with the Philadelphia Eagles as an undrafted free agent in 2022. The player only played a single game as a rookie before he was placed on the commissioner’s exempt list. Even though he started playing professionally, he has yet to reach his career highs. Josh’s first few years in the league were disturbed due to legal issues. Hence, he is now quite focused on improving his skills and achieving his goals.

Josh Sills plays for the National football League.
Sills plays for the Indianapolis Colts.

He first attended West Virginia University where he played for three seasons before transferring to Oklahoma State University for the 2020 season.

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