Does Steelers Tight End Pat Freiermuth Have Girlfriend?

By SarahPublished on: January 5, 2024 Updated on: February 21, 2024
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The Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Pat Freiermuth is a private person. He has been in the news for his athleticism but rarely for his dating life. Nonetheless, that has only increased fans’ curiosity about his love life. The big question is still unanswered: is Pat Freiermuth dating someone in 2024?

To uncover the truth about his relationship status, keep reading this article.

Does Pat Freiermuth Have A Girlfriend?

No, the Steelers’ tight end isn’t in a relationship currently. Pat is very private about his personal life and with such little information available, it is hard to exactly pinpoint his relationship status.


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His private personality has only added fuel to people’s curiosity about his love life. Since he is pretty secretive, his fans are quick to assume he is dating whenever he appears in public with a girl. However, such speculations have never turned into reality since the girls turn out to be his friends only.

Freiermuth Cozying Up To A Girl On A Dinner Date

In 2019, Pat was photographed with a girl in a restaurant. These two seemed a little too close and people assumed they were on a dinner date. The girl was named Lauren Keale, however, there is hardly any proof that suggests that the two were an item.

Pat Freiermuth and Lauren Keale were rumored to be dating, however, they didn't address such rumors
Pat and Lauren were photographed together

Besides, that was the only time Pat and Lauren were snapped together in public. Moreover, they don’t even follow each other on social media. So, it is safe to say that the two didn’t date and were photographed in their casual public appearance.

Pat Helped Former Lacrosse Player, John Nessen Propose To His Girlfriend

Even though Pat hasn’t been in a relationship, he once became a part of a famous engagement i.e., of John Nessen and Lauren Piotrowski. Pat and John were teammates back in college. Another interesting fact is, he is the best friend of John’s girlfriend-turned-wife, Lauren Piotrowski’s brother.

Due to this, Pat and Lauren were familiar with each other. And the day John proposed to her, he could help John in surprising his then-girlfriend.

Before Penn’s game against Rutgers, Freiermuth greeted Lauren with a warm hug. While the two hugged, John had already gotten on his knee waiting for his girlfriend to turn around. And Pat was the one who asked Lauren to turn around.

The sudden movement surprised her but it was only seconds before she said yes almost immediately. It later came to light that these two lovebirds met at the field for the first time. The then-engaged couple are now married and have a child.

Freiermuth Is Focusing On Setting Career Highs Rather Than Dating

The tight end was selected in the 2021 NFL Draft. He signed a four-year rookie contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers and ever since then he has been playing for them. In October 2023, he injured himself during a match but that didn’t stop him from playing.

His focus right now is earning and making something out of his name. The player doesn’t have time to actively seek a girlfriend. He will change his relationship status once he feels like the right time.

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