Darnell Washington and His Wife Stephanie Became Parents At 18

By AnnaPublished on: January 1, 2024 Updated on: February 21, 2024
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The Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Darnell Washington achieved recognition as a two-time CFP national champion while playing college football at Georgia, winning in 2021 and 2022. He is one of the most versatile tight ends the sport has ever seen but there’s more to him than just sports and football.

Besides being an enormous and dominant force in the field his life is filled with children’s giggles and partner’s love. Washington is relatively new to the spotlight yet very popular so, his fans across the country are eager to find out about his married life.

Well, if you’re one of them, we’ve got you covered. This article spills the beans on his married life and his wife.

Darnell Washington is Married to Stephanie Washington

Darnell is married to his teenage lover Stephanie. There isn’t much detail available regarding the marriage of Darnell and Stephanie. However, they shared a lasting bond that began at the age of 15.

Darnell Washington's wife, Stephanie Washington
Darnell Washington’s wife, Stephanie Washington

In the meantime, some online sources have mentioned that the Steelers tight end tied the knot with his wife Stephanie before his college freshman year and that would be the year 2020. However, we can’t confirm the date since none of the duo has ever talked about their marriage publicly.

Despite not having a lavish wedding, their happiness was the cornerstone of their relationship.

Who is Darnell’s Wife Stephanie?

Stephanie is a young Mexican lady in her early 20s just like her husband Darnell. Her parents’ names and professions are unknown but we do know for a fact that they are of Mexican origin. However, after going through her Instagram, we found that her dad died at the young age of 40, in the year 2022.

Besides that, she has two younger brothers. But again, details about her siblings are not available at present.

Darnell Washington and His Wife Stephanie Have Two Children

Darnell and Stephanie have been together for more than 8 years and married for more than 4 years. The husband and wife have been blessed with two children, both girls. They had their first child, Laila, in 2019 when they both were still in high school.

Currently, their oldest is 5 years old and is a sweetheart to her father and mother. Similarly, they gave birth to their youngest a couple of years later in December of 2021. Their youngest daughter is named Gia.

Darnell Washington with his wife and childrem
Darnell Washington with his wife and children during the NFL Draft, 2023

Stephanie is very fond of her daughters and she even manages an Instagram account for them by the name, @lailaxgia. She frequently uploads pictures of both her girls as they grow up.

Darnell Wants To Be The Father To His Children That He Didn’t Have

Darnell and Steph were in the early years of their relationship when he found out that his then-girlfriend was pregnant through a text message. At first, he thought Stephanie was messing with him but she wasn’t. The young couple was scared thinking how how things would go but their respective parents were supportive and encouraged them to embrace the gift bravely.

Darnell doesn’t appear in public with his wife or kids. However, back on January 2, 2020, Washington stepped on the stage at Camping World Stadium in Orlando with his mother, Hill, wife Stephanie, and infant daughter Laila. It was the moment when he announced his commitment to Georgia when he was seen holding his daughter in a Georgia Bulldog onesie.

Announcing his commitment, Washington also said, “Through thick and thin, I just want to be the father I never had.

Washington’s father abandoned his mother and his seven siblings when they were very young. Due to this, the circumstances made him bounce around nearly seven foster homes. He was even separated from his other siblings except his brother Ezekiel.

So, the only thing he wants to give his children would be the love that he didn’t get from his dad.