Allen Lazard Has a New Girlfriend? Did he Broke-Up with Camy?

By GloriaPublished on: January 10, 2024 Updated on: February 23, 2024
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The years post-COVID in Allen’s career have been a roller coaster ride and it’s amazing to see him thriving now. But is Lazard’s relationship with his long-time girlfriend thriving too? Or are the rumors true about Allen Lazard’s new girlfriend?

Allen’s fans are keen to know everything about the athlete’s relationship status and his plans. Dig into this article to learn about his dating life from A to Z.

Who is Allen Lazard’s Girlfriend?

It’s become old news that Allen has broken up with his long-time girlfriend Kourtney Camy. The news got real especially after Allen and Kourtney deleted the pictures they shared on their public profiles while they were in a relationship.

NFL Star Allen with Ex-bae Kourtney
Allen Lazard’s girlfriend, now former, Kourtney.

However a year ago, one of Allen’s fan girls made a tweet revealing that Allen might have a girlfriend. So is it possible that the Jets’ player might be in a new relationship now?

Despite his fans’ despair, it is quite certain that Allen is currently single. We say this because Allen who is quite expressive about his love life, has not even posted anything recently that would remotely suggest he might be dating.

So, you need not worry ladies! Allen is not off the rack!

Details on Lazard and Kourtney’s Relationship

The NFL star reportedly met his ex-girlfriend Kourtney at Iowa State University. Allen started Uni in 2014, while his ex-bae started from 2013 until 2017, so they spent a lot of quality time together at the college.

Allena with his ex-girlfriends and mutual friends
Ex-flame Allen and Kourtney used to love hanging out with their friends together.

Likewise, even after college, they were in a relationship for a few more years. While they were dating, the now exes used to share each other’s pictures quite often.  Even until July 2019, they were found having fun and traveling to various places together and with their mutual friends.

Back in December 2019, his ex-girlfriend and friends attended one of his matches at the Lambeau Field and cheered him on.


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Lazard Supported His Ex-girlfriend Camy To Gather Funds

In August 2019, Allen posted a video supporting his ex-girlfriend’s initiative to build a school in Kenya. Camy had organized a fundraiser campaign to help people in a displacement camp who had no means of education.

During that time, Allen was already a football star playing for the Green Bay Packers. Supporting his ex-lover, Allen even made an effort to give away a signed Packer football to anybody who donated more than $100 to the fundraiser.

Kourtney is an interior designer

Kourtney is an Interior Designer. She works as a Lead Designer and Job Captain at TRE Architecture. The ex-NFL Wag has a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Interior Design from Iowa State University.

Lazard’s ex-girlfriend was a recipient of a full-ride scholarship for all four years of attendance at college.

Kourtney was also an Athlete as a Student

Allen’s ex-girlfriend used to play in Iowa State Cyclone’s soccer team while she was studying at the University of Iowa.

Allen's ex-girlfriend Kourtney in a football team
Lazard’s ex-bae also volunteered with the Special Olympics program.

She was also a leadership council member for the Division One women’s soccer program at Iowa State University.

Allen has been more focused on his career post break up with ex-girlfriend Kourtney

After his break up with Kourtney, Allen reportedly didn’t date anybody or get into a new relationship. The NFL star seems to have made it clear from his interview that his primary focus is his career.

New York Jet's Lazard with ex-lover Kourtney
Lazard and his ex-girlfriend Camy used to travel a lot.

On August 3, 2022,  when he was asked in an interview what he expects now that he has the number one status, Allen said that he is quite focused on himself. He also added that he wants to help the younger ones develop and make them more comfortable in the offense. This was when Allen was a Green Bay Packers wide receiver.

As Allen always had such strong career aspirations, it’s possible to assume that he would not want to prioritize his relationships at the moment. Now that the New York Jets have signed Allen for a 4 years contract, he feels incredibly humbled and blessed to be starting the new chapter.

In fact, with a lot of pride and zeal, he said:

“I know how to win — I know how to operate in late-game situations. We’re going to carry that same standard, the same expectations here as well.”

So, there is a possibility that he might want to focus more on his career than prioritize building new love affairs.