Dane Jackson’s Wife – Who Does He Father His Son With?

By SarahPublished on: October 17, 2023 Updated on: February 14, 2024
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The football cornerback for the Buffalo Bills, Dane Jackson is not so open about his romantic companionship. This young man has a child but has kept his baby mama’s information under wrap. There are no valid sources confirming if this player has a wife.

If you are curious about Jackson’s marital status, then let’s dig out his relationship history in this article.

Dane Jackson Isn’t Married

As of 2024, Dane doesn’t have a wife. There are rumors circulating that he is married but no official sources have confirmed this theory. So, we can tell that he is unmarried.


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Although the Bills cornerback has yet to tie the knot, it seems like he isn’t single either. The player has mentioned that he has a girlfriend in an interview. But, who is his lover?

Is Jackson In A Private Relationship?

In an interview with the Bills in 2022, Dane slipped the word ‘My girl’ that gave birth to the rumors of his secret girlfriend. It seems like the player has a lover behind the curtain. He hasn’t posted anything about a girl on his social media nor has he disclosed the name of his rumored partner.

With little to no information available about his dating life, we aren’t sure if he is still dating the same girl or if they have parted ways. Nevertheless, the player always has rumors surrounding him regarding his dating status.

His Girlfriend Was By His Side When He Was Injured

In a game against the Tennessee Titans in 2022, Dane collided head-to-head with one of his teammates. Dane sustained a neck injury in the collision and was sidelined for some time. His girlfriend stayed by his side during this recovery journey. The Cornerback showed his love for his girl and said,

I was worried about my son at home, my mom. I know everybody was crying. My girl was right next to me, so it was an emotional roller coaster.

She was beside him at the hospital and waited for him when he received MRIs and CT scans.

Dane Jackson Is A Doting Father – Who Is The Mother Of His Son?

Jackson is the father of a 3-year-old son, DJ. He wants his son’s life to not be affected by prying eyes, so he only provides limited information about his child. Although the NFL player is reluctant to reveal any private facts about his son, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t shared how much he loves his child. The loving father even planned a monster-truck party for his kid’s birthday. When asked about his son, Jackson explained,

I want to be that inspiration for my son in whatever he does- just to see the joy on his face when he looks back and sees these pictures and memories as well.

The young boy even visited his father at his camp and played ball with him. It seems like the father and son duo have a hard time staying apart. From the look of it, the duo has a very loving relationship.

Though Dane doesn’t share much about his son, the athlete has posted a cute picture of his son wearing a Halloween costume but apart from this, he has hardly disclosed any details about his kid.

Dane Jackson's son, DJ
Dane celebrated Halloween with his son, DJ.

Talking about the child’s mother, he hasn’t provided any details about the mysterious lady. We aren’t sure if he is still dating his baby mama or if his child was a result of his past flings. Nevertheless, we respect the privacy of the lady.

Dane Jackson’s Playing Days Is Just Starting

The cornerback, Dane started playing in the NFL in the 2020 season. He was selected by the Buffalo Bills and still plays for the same team. The young player’s team came in the second place in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).

Dane Jackson
Dane extended his contract with the Buffalo Bills.

Though he suffered from injuries on the field, it hasn’t impacted much in his career. This shining star is back on the field and more motivated than ever. His main priority right now is his game rather than a relationship.

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