Alex Anzalone’s Wife Lindsey Is The Mother of Two Kids

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The Detroit Lions linebacker, Alex Anzalone, and his wife, Lindsey Cooper were the athletic couple in college. They started dating in college and have since been inseparable. The pair even survived the long-distance relationship during Alex’s rookie season. Their relationship had ups and downs but their love overcame all the hardships. Alex and his better half Lindsey finally tied the knot after dating for several years in the late 2010s.

Did you know Alex’s wife is the sister of former NFL player, Riley Cooper? Well, not only that there are many interesting facts about their relationship in this article.

Alex Anzalone Is Married To Lindsey Cooper; Their Wedding

The NFL player tied the knot with his wife, Lindsey Cooper on June 22, 2019. After being in a relationship for several years, the couple got hitched at the Harborside Chapel in Safety Harbor, Florida. The bride looked stunning in a white gown and the groom matched her with a black suit and white shirt. The ceremony was intimate surrounded by their loved ones.

Alex Anzalone with his wife, Lindsey Cooper
Alex and Lindsey tied the knot in 2019.

Alex couldn’t wait to marry Lindsey and staying apart from her was difficult for him. He crashed her bridal shower with a bouquet to surprise her. It was a cute pre-wedding moment for them. After the ceremony, the newly wedded couple flew to Italy for their honeymoon. Within a few weeks of being married, Alex, sadly, had to leave his newly-wed wife for his career commitments.

Alex Anzalone Met His Wife At A College Party

The couple met for the first time at a college party when Alex visited the University of Florida for the recruiting process. At the time, Cooper was already playing soccer for the Gators while he was committed to Notre Dame. However, he traded his last high school semester to enroll early in Florida. They had the same friends group and within four months of knowing each other, the two started dating on April 7, 2013.


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As both of them had similar interests in sports, they soon understood each other. Their casual fling soon turned into a serious relationship. They dated throughout their college and even after Lindsey graduated a year earlier, the couple were sailing smoothly.

The Couple Was In A Long Distance Relationship During Alex’s Rookie Season

Soon after Alex was drafted in the 2017 NFL Draft by the New Orleans Saints, he was headed to a training camp. As a result, the pair had to face a long-distance relationship. They used to communicate through phone calls and text messages throughout the training camp. It wasn’t until the second regular game they knew they had to be physically together.

When Anzalone got hurt in his fourth game in London, Cooper rushed to take care of him. Even though they didn’t have a plan at that time, it worked out in the end and they were able to figure out their future together.

Anzalone Almost Proposed To His Then-Girlfriend, Lindsey In A Hospital

Alex had thought of proposing to his girlfriend, Lindsey when she was taking care of him in his rookie season. However, it was a difficult time for both of them and they were too young to be engaged.

Alex and Lindsey Cooper engagement ring
Alex proposed to Lindsey with a diamond ring.

The player finally got on his knees in 2018. The couple was vacationing in Turks and Caicos Island during Alex’s off-season when he asked the big question. Cooper immediately said yes. Alex then took it to his Instagram to announce his engagement with the ring picture and caption that read, ‘Forever.’ They got married a year after their engagement.

Alex And Lindsey Are The Parents Of Two Children

The Anzalone couple has a son, Cooper Ashton Anzalone, and a daughter, Carter Nicole Anzalone. They welcomed their firstborn, Cooper on January 11, 2021. Alex had a match the same day he was going to be a father. It was hard for him to concentrate on the game and as soon as it was over, he rushed home and took his wife to the hospital. Lindsey was admitted to A Campus of Ochsner Medical Center where she gave birth to their son. He seems to be named after his mother.

Alex and Lindsey with their son and unborn daughter.
Alex and Lindsey have two children.

The couple gave birth to their daughter, Carter in 2023. They were nervously excited about their second pregnancy because of her previous miscarriage. However, it turned out to be a smooth process. The mother of two shares that her favorite moment of motherhood is when her baby gives her a neck hug. She further added that there is nothing better than the feeling when her kid rests their head on her shoulder with little arms wrapped around her neck.

They Faced Complications In Their Pregnancy

Alex’s wife Lindsey first became pregnant during the COVID-19 pandemic and had to live in isolation throughout her pregnancy. At the time, the couple had to take extra precautions for the baby’s safety. Sometimes, they couldn’t even have a meal together. Lindey would sit on the porch and he would sit in the trunk of the car and talk in the distance.

Her second pregnancy also took a hit when she had a miscarriage in 2022. The couple cried almost every day and after a while, they started moving forward with their son. The player shared,” When you and your wife go through a miscarriage, it weighs on you then, and honestly, it still weighs on us to this day. It’s still an emotional subject for us. You still live with that trauma.”

Alex Anzalone’s Wife, Lindsey Is a Fitness Coach

Along with raising her two kids, Lindsey is also a successful individual when it comes to her professional life. She is currently a Fitness Coach at Orange Theory Fitness, in the Greater New Orleans Area. She started working there in Jan 2018 and has since been there.

Cooper first started her career as a corporate assistant intern at Salvation Army in May 2014. She later worked at Terwilliger Elementary School for a year in 2014.

Besides, Mrs. Anzalone was an Operations Intern at Tampa Yankees for three months before working as a Sales Associate Assistant at Coldwell Banker from Jan 2016 – May 2016. She also used to work as a realtor at Pepine Realty before moving in with her then-boyfriend, Alex.

Talking about her education, she attended Indian Rocks Christian School. She got her Bachelor’s degree in Family Youth and Community Science from the University of Florida in 2015. The young lady was also a member of the women’s soccer team while in college.

Lindsey Cooper Is The Sister Of Former NFL Player, Riley Cooper

Born to Larry Cooper and Monica Cooper, Lindsey grew up in Clearwater, Florida with her sibling, an elder brother, Riley Cooper. He played six seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL. He is a former wide receiver who announced his retirement in 2017. The brother-sister duo went to the same school and college. They even have similar interests in sports.

Alex's wife, Lindsey with her former NFL player brother, Riley Cooper.
Lindsey’s brother, Riley Cooper used to play in the NFL.

Riley even wished his little sister, a happy National Siblings Day back in 2020. He captioned the photo with,” I’m a little late to the party! Happy National Siblings Day.”

Her Favorite Moment In The NFL

Lindsey was happiest when her husband Alex was drafted in the league. She saw him overcome challenges on the way to reach his destination. It was heartwarming for her to see all his hard work finally paying off.

Even after playing in the league for a few years, she experienced the same proudness when she watched Alex play on the field. Mrs. Anzalone used to attend almost every game but after she became a mom, she cheers him on TV sometimes.

Alex Anzalone's wife and son.
Lindsey and Cooper cheering Alex on games.

The linebacker is aware of his wife’s sacrifices. He shares that his spouse keeps him in check with reality so that he won’t lose his way in the world of football. Alex further added, “She’s charismatic, she’s athletic, she’s social, she’s talkative, she’s fun-loving and she’s beautiful, inside and out. She took a leap of faith to move to New Orleans with me, and she’s been incredible through the ups and downs we’ve had since coming to the NFL.”

At present, Lindsey and his wifey reside in Gainesville, Florida with their two kids.

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