Who Is Micah Parsons’ Mom Sherese Parsons?

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Birthday November 1974
Age 49 years
Son Micah Parsons
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Sherese Parsons is famous as Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons’s mother. From raising her three children through economic difficulties to now having a blessed life thanks to her son Micah, Sherese’s journey has gone through many ups and downs.

Read till the end to know more about Micah Parsons’ mother Sherese Parsons.

Key Takeaways

  • Sherese is the mother of Dallas Cowboys’ linebacker Micah Parsons.
  • She split with her husband Terrence Parsons, with whom she has three children.
  • She had to raise her children on her own despite financial problems.
  • Sherese currently helps underprivileged kids at a non-profit organization.
  • Her connection with her NFL star son Micah is a special one.

Meet Micah Parsons’ Mom Sherese Parsons: About Her Family

Born in November 1974, Sherese Parsons is the mother of NFL defensive rookie and Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons.

Sherese grew up with her siblings, a brother Starling McDonald, and a sister, Tiffany McDonald, with whom she often shares childhood pictures together.

Even though the name of Sherese’s parents is not known, her brother Starling posted a picture on Facebook (below) with his dad and mom on Father’s Day.

Sherese's parents and brother Starling
Sherese’s parents and brother Starling.

Besides, Sherese moved to Toledo, Ohio in 1979. Currently, she lives in Collin County, Dallas, Texas with her son Micah.

What Is Sherese Parsons’ Occupation?

Currently, Sherese is active in the operation of The Parsons Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that provides help for underprivileged kids.

She has also been involved with International H.O.P.E. Incorporation (Helping Overcome Poverty Everywhere), an organization that provides food and shelter to homeless people and families in need.

Who Is Sherese Parsons’ Husband? Are They Still Together?

Sherese Parsons’ husband is Terrence Parsons Sr. He was born in November 1973. An avid football fan, Terrence Sr. studied at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and became a U.S. military officer. Currently, he is the head coach of the Harrisburg District School and also runs The Parsons Foundation.

Sherese and Terrence Sr. separated in 2010 when Micah was 11 years old. However, it seems that the pair are on good terms, as her husband often tags her on Facebook posts. Terrence tagged Sherese on a Facebook post where he wished his son Micah his 18th birthday.

Sherese Is A Mother Of Three

Sherese gave birth to her eldest son Terrence Parsons Jr. on February 14, 1995. Terrence Jr. played for the Bulldogs during his time at the Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology. At present, he is a professional video game player and streams Madden NFL 24 on Twitch and YouTube.

Further, Sherese’s daughter Shatara Parsons was born in August 1996. Previously, Shatara played basketball for the California University of Pennsylvania. Since she graduated in 2018, she has been working as a youth mentor and advocate at Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA).

Sherese’s youngest son, the NFL star Micah Parsons plays for Dallas Cowboys. He was born on May 26, 1999. Micah was named the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2021, the year he was first drafted.

Moreover, he has also been selected in the Pro Bowl twice to this date. Besides his impressive football career, he also has a degree in Criminology from Penn State.

Micah Was Almost Never Born – Sherese Considered Abortion!

Sherese was 24 and working several jobs to make ends meet when she became pregnant for the third time. She was unsure if she could afford a third baby in such financial difficulties, and was contemplating going to the clinic to get an abortion.

But something spiritual happened: A Sister named Hall called from a church and convinced her to keep the baby. And a few months later, Micah was born.

Micah Parsons’ Mom Sherese’s Struggles Raising Her Children

Sherese’s husband Terrence, the ex-US military officer was often on his military duties. So, during his absence, Sherese had to take all the parental responsibilities of her three children.

Raising them on her own was not easy – she used to cry and fight. Her home in Jefferson Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania did not have heating, and Sherese used to take young Micah to a facility to place gas in canisters.

One day, when Micah said he didn’t want to take the 30-minute ride to get the gas, she cried and said to him, “Have you ever seen me quit?” That moment made Micah reflect on himself and he promised himself to never quit anything in life.

Sherese Parsons Was A Great Supporter Of Her Kids

Parsons was the primary factor behind her children’s sporting careers. Micah, before his 2021 draft, said that his mother sacrificed so much for him as a child. She had to move around a lot, and with her husband not around the house a lot, she had to work hard to ensure her children were happy.

Sherese is a great supporter of her son Micah’s football career. She said about her son,

Every chance and opportunity he gets to hit that field he’s going out trying to make plays. He hates to lose. He’s never been on a losing team so he’s going to give it 100% Actually, probably 120% if you let him.

Micah Parsons’ Mother Sherese’s Cooking: Secret To His Performance?

One thing fueling Micah’s performance in the field is his mother Sherese’s cooking. Micah loves her cooking, and out of all the Mac ‘n Cheese he’s eaten, the one made by his mum is his favorite. She has also shared her delicious Mac ‘n Cheese recipe on the internet.

Micah is a fan of his mom Sherese's cooking
Micah loves his mother’s cooking.

Micah Likes To Give Back To His Mother

The successful NFL defensive rookie Micah Parsons is forever indebted to his mother’s hardships raising him up. When Micah was first picked by the Dallas Cowboys out of his college Penn State, he was guaranteed $17 million over his four-year rookie deal, which also included a $9 million signing bonus.

Micah gifted his mother Sherese Parsons a house in Dallas
Micah gifted his mother Sherese a house in Dallas.

Micah used some of that money to buy his mother a brand new home in Collins County, Dallas, which made it easier for Sherese to go to all of his games. The mom-son relationship is strong. Sherese calls the All-American her “biggest blessing”, and Micah says about his mother, “If we had a million more Shereses, this world would be OK.”

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