Mira Brown – Orlando Brown Jr’s Mother Couldn’t Be Prouder of Him

By JordanPublished on: October 10, 2023 Updated on: February 16, 2024
Birthday May 1973
Birthplace Cockeysville, Maryland
Age 51 years
Son Orlando Brown Jr.
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Mira Brown is famously known as the mother of Cincinnati Bengals offensive tackle, Orlando Brown Jr. Besides, she is a writer and owner of a celebrity spa herself. Mira is not only the mother of a renowned NFL player, but she is also the ex-wife of the late former offensive tackle, Orlando Brown.

She gave birth to five kids with Brown Sr., however, their relationship didn’t go smoothly, and got divorced. The writer went through lots of hurdles while raising her children. She also had a custody battle with her former husband. She didn’t have a good relationship with her ex-spouse at the time of his death. What was the reason for their separation? Did Mira Brown remarry?

Let’s find out all these in the sections to follow.

Mira Brown Is a Member of the NFL Player Moms Association

Born and raised in Cockeysville, Maryland, Mira Brown has been a member of the NFL Player Moms Association since 1997. According to her LinkedIn profile, Mira is the owner and CEO of Celebrity Spa LLC and Bella Media Group. She worked as an associate producer of the Soul Train Awards in 2012.

Mira Brown’s Married Life with Orlando Brown Sr.

Brown is leading a single life at present, however, she was previously married to late former NFL player Orlando Brown Sr. It’s not clear when the former husband and wife tied the knot, however, it’s believed that they were together since the early 1990s.

Mira's ex husband was a former NFL player
Mira’s ex-husband Orlando Brown Sr. was a renowned NFL player who played as a tackle

Mira’s late ex-husband made his way to the NFL in 1993, when he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns as a defensive right tackle. After three seasons with the Browns, he joined the Baltimore Ravens in 1996.

Mira Brown and Orlando Brown Sr. Had Three Kids

The former couple gave birth to three sons, Orlando Brown Jr., Justin Brown, and Braxton Brown. We all know, their firstborn, Brown Jr. is a renowned footballer who currently plays for Cincinnati Bengal.

Orlando Brown's and his kids
Orlando Brown Sr. with his sons

Their middle son Braxton also known as “Lil Zeus” plays football for South Carolina State Football. Meanwhile, there’s little to no information about her youngest son, Justin although we can see him in many photos that Mira and her son Orlando share on their socials.

Mira Divorced The Father of Her Three Children

Mira’s kids were still young when she split with their father. According to the reports, the former duo got divorced in 2004. As for the cause of their divorce, it’s not revealed. However, many assumed they separated due to irreconcilable differences.

Mira even fought her children’s custody and child support. Irrespective of all the ups and downs she went through in her married life, Mira raised her children well. Besides, she has always credited her husband for the success of her star NFL player son. Brown Sr. taught football to his three sons and his firstborn has continued his family legacy in the NFL.

Orlando Brown Sr. Broke Into Mira’s House While She Was Away

In September 2009, Mira’s ex-husband broke into her Cockeysville house, breaking a storm door and tearing curtains. Mira was reportedly out on vacation when Brown Sr. broke into her house.

Brown was arrested, and charged with third-degree burglary and destruction of property. His charges were dropped in January 2010.

Her Ex-Spouse Died At 40

NFL star Orlando Brown Sr. died on September 23, 2011, in his Baltimore townhouse. He was 40.

It was later confirmed that the former athlete died of diabetic ketoacidosis, an ailment common to diabetics.

Mira Brown Is Proud of Orlando Jr’s Football Career

Brown’s mother has always been there for him. Brown learned a lot of things about football from his father while his mother was his constant motivation throughout his journey. Like any other mother, Mira is very happy and proud of what her son has achieved as a footballer.

Mira Brown is proud of her son Orlando Brown Jr. who plays as an offensive tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals
Mira Brown is proud of her son Orlando Brown Jr. who plays as an offensive tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals

Meanwhile, Mira said watching her son play wearing No. 78 reminds her of her ex-husband who used to wear the same number. She said, “It’s awesome. I’m so proud of him.

Orlando Brown Jr’s Relationship with His Parents

Orlando Jr. has immense respect for his parents. The couples always supported their kids even though they were having hard times. His dad was a great inspiration for him. Brown Sr. wanted his son to play as a left tackle and he fulfilled his dream. Unfortunately, he lost his father soon so Brown Sr. couldn’t see his son playing.

If we go on his Instagram, we can see how much Orlando misses his father. We can see him using “#ripdad” in almost each of his Instagram posts. Besides, he has also mentioned a couple of times that there hasn’t been a single day when he doesn’t miss his dad.

Talking about his relationship with his mother, it’s pretty evident on his social media. He loves spending time with his mother and siblings. He often shares his mom’s photos wishing her on Mother’s Day.