Mike White’s Wife Mallory Is his Biggest Cheerleader: How’s Their Relationship?

By RhyssPublished on: December 3, 2023 Updated on: December 3, 2023
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In the movies, we have all seen the star high school football player date the leader of the cheerleader squad. This is the same case for Mike White and his wife, Molly White (nee’ Booth). White was a star Football player for his University while Molly was a cheerleader.

So how did their relationship begin? Moreover, the lovebirds are also a parent of two children. Let’s discuss more about Mike’s marriage life and also find out if he has past affairs.

Mike White Is Happily Married to His High School Sweetheart

Since 2019, Mike has enjoyed a delightful marital life with his spouse, Mallory Booth. The duo is a prime example of how physical distance doesn’t weaken your love, as long as you have love and respect for one another.

The wedding took place on April 6th, 2019, at the beautiful venue, Innisbrook, A Salmander Golf & Spa Resort. At the nuptials, Mike looked handsome in a navy blue suit and his bride Molly looked gorgeous in a white gown with a long veil. The wedding itself was an intimate affair with many of their pair’s friends and family in attendance.

Mike married Mallory in 2019
Mike and Mallory at their wedding.

When and Where Did the Pair Meet?

Both Mallory and Mike have been dating since their college days. Both attended South Florida College where they first came across each other. While Mike played for their college football team, his wife was a cheerleader. It’s your All-American love story, the star football player falls in love with a cheerleader.

Mike with his spouse Mallory
The first photo that Mike shared of the two.

They made their relationship official after Mike added a picture with her, commemorating her birthday. While sharing a picture of the two, he wrote,

“Happy Birthday to this dime piece. I hope you have a great day! And would you look at that, it’s Wednesday too. See you soon”

Mike White’s Wife Mallory Is a Former Autism Teacher

Since we have already found out about Mike’s spouse, it’s obvious that many of you are curious to know about her. Well, she was born on July 15th, 1994, in Florida. She is one of two daughters between Kim Cimino (mom) and Michale Booth (dad). Her sister’s name is Jess Schram.

Mallory spent a major portion of her childhood in Tampa. After finishing her college degree in South Florida, she started working as a teacher for kids suffering from Autism.

Mike's family in law
Mike’s wife Mallory’s family.

Apart from her interest in helping out the kids in the Autism spectrum, she also loved making cookies. This is why, she launched Mallory Makes, a custom sugar cookie design company based in Tampa, Florida. She has even opened an Instagram account to promote her company.

Currently, she is not taking any custom orders. Though the real reason behind the hiatus is not known, it might be due to being a twin mom.

Mike and Mallory Faced a Lot of Challenges Yet Persevered Through It All

Their relationship is an example of true love. When they began dating, both of them stayed in Florida. Then in 2014, Mike transferred to Western Kentucky University when SF’s coach Willie began shifting from a pro-style attack to a spread offense.

He played at the uni till 2017 and it was around this time when their relationship faced various adversities due to the distance between them. Every love story is tested from time to time and if your relationship survives it then you are set for life.

Both Mike and Mallory kept their relationship a top priority which helped them become a power couple.

Mike White Freaked Out When He Found Out That He is Going To Have Twins

Back in 2020, when Mallory was pregnant for the first time, Mike was quite excited to become a father. He always wanted to become a father and now his dream was about to come true.


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The pregnancy in itself was extremely hard on Mallory. She threw up multiple times throughout the day; around 7 to 10 times. She told her husband,

“You better hope there’s twins in there, because I’m not doing this again.” Mike laughed it off.

When the time came for an ultrasound, Mallory’s premonition came true and she became pregnant with twins. When the QB found out he was going to become a father to twins, he became extremely anxious. Talking about how he felt at the time, he told The Atlantic,

“I’m not even kidding, I know it sounds like a movie, but my legs got weak. I’m like: Oh my god, there’s two!”

Thankfully, his anxiety went away sometimes after it all sunk in. Eventually, he pulled himself out of his rut. And when his twins came into this world, his whole perspective changed.

Mallory said,

“He loves being a dad. When he found out I was pregnant, I think he could have jumped out of his skin. He’s wanted kids for years. This was definitely one of the best things that’s ever happened to him.”

The pair welcomed their fraternal twins, Millie and Maddox, in September 2021.

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