Marlon Humphrey’s Mother Barbara Humphrey Is Married to Former NFL Player

By JordanPublished on: October 4, 2023 Updated on: February 8, 2024
Birthday 1967
Birthplace Alabama
Age 57 years
Son Marlon Humphrey
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Barbara Humphrey is the mother of a football cornerback Marlon Humphrey. Besides, she is a former track player, athlete, coach, and mother of five kids.

On top of that, Barbara is also known as the wife of the former NFL running back Bobby Humphrey. Both Barbara and her husband’s association with sports might have paved the road for their children.

Let’s look in detail at Barbara’s life. Let’s see what she does for a living.

Key Takeaways:

  • Barbara Humphrey is the mother of NFL player Marlon Humphrey.
  • She is a former track player as well as a track coach.
  • His husband Bobby was an NFL player and ran a few businesses.
  • The couple shares five children and all of them are star athletes.

Barbara Humphrey Was Born and Raised in Alabama

She was born Barbara May Humphrey in 1967 in Alabama, USA. The former coach did her schooling at Jackson-Olin High School and later earned a degree in history with a full scholarship from the University of Alabama in 1986. Barbara was also a member of Alabama University’s first track team.

In her school days, she set a record in the 400-meter race which still stands.

She Is a Former Track Coach

After graduation, Humphrey continued pursuing her passion for athletics and returned to her high school as a track coach. She initially coached for P.D. Jackson-Olin High School and later became the head coach of Simmons Middle School. She is also the founder of the Speed City Summer Track Club.

The former coach was elected to the University of Alabama Board of Trustees on September 19, 2014, and was nominated as UA System trustee on September 25, 2014. She also became the vice-chair of the Board’s honorary degrees and recognition committee and serves on athletics, audit, and UAH committees.

Notably, she coached Vonetta Flowers, the first African-American female Alabama athlete to win a gold medal in the Winter Olympics.

Barbara Is Married To a Former NFL Player

Barbara married Bobby Humphrey on June 2, 1995, in the Highland Crest community in Hoover. Her husband is a former NFL player, who runs a few businesses. Besides, he is also a vice president of business development at Bryant Bank.

Barbara Humphrey's husband Bobby Humphrey
Barbara’s husband Bobby Humphrey. He is a former NFL player

The duo have five children, Maudrecus, Breona, Marlon, Brittley, and Marion Humphrey. The husband and wife raised their children out of the spotlight. In fact, their children didn’t even know their father was an NFL player while growing up.

What Do Her Children Do?

All five children of Barbara and Bobby have pursued their career in sports and all are star athletes like their parents. The couple didn’t force their children to play sports but rather their children listened to their stories while growing up which might have encouraged them to take a similar path.

Barbara and Bobby shares five kids
Bobby and Barbara Humphrey’s five children

As of 2024, Barbara’s oldest son, Madrecus is 33 years old. He played as a receiver for the Bucs following in the footsteps of his dad Bobby. Likewise, Breona, her second child, 30, ran track in her college and was famous as Birmingham Kiwanis Club Athletes of the Year while at Hoover. At present, she is pursuing a career as an actor in Los Angeles.

Brittley was a 12-time Alabama State champion in track. Talking about Marion, he graduated from Hoover. He played basketball and ran track in college.

Barbara Humphrey’s Relationship with Her Son Marlon

Humphrey’s son, Marlon Humphrey is a renowned footballer who plays as a cornerback for the Baltimore Ravens. Even though the mother and son don’t express it publicly, they share a very close bond. Besides, we can see many posts featuring his mother and other family members on his social media.

In an interview with Baltimore Raven’s official website “Don’t Blink“, the footballer’s mother expressed how she felt about her son’s success. She said, “I feel glad and proud seeing him reaching the goals he has set for himself .” She added, “I am delighted with what he loves that I like.

Net worth

Barbara’s professional endeavors are not well revealed in the media, so it’s a little tricky to estimate her net worth at present. However, we can easily tell she leads a lavish lifestyle as her son earns well from his football career. As of 2024, Marlon’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.