Jonathan Taylor’s Parents Elizabeth Taylor and Jonathan James

By CarolPublished on: February 1, 2024 Updated on: February 1, 2024
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Jonathan Taylor, the Indianapolis Colts running back, is blessed enough to have a loving family to back him up. His parents have always been there to support their little guy through his ups and downs. So, it’s about time we get to know them a little, right? Despite their son’s success, Taylor’s parents don’t engage much on social media.

But, that ends today. Take a look at the article below to learn some exciting facts about Taylor’s parents.

Jonathan Taylor’s Parents Were Never Married

Jonathan Taylor, the NFL running back, was born on 19th January 1999 to his parents, Elizabeth Taylor and Jonathan James. The couple gave their son a cozy home to grow up in, in Salem, New Jersey. Interestingly enough, they were not married at the time of the footballer’s birth.

NFL athlete, Jonathan Taylor was born to his unmarried parents
An old photo of baby Jonathan

What’s more, Elizabeth and Jonathan separated shortly after their son was born. Perhaps, things did not work out for the pair as they’d hoped. Well, the actual reason behind their separation is not readily available. Nevertheless, the former love birds decided to raise Taylor amicably. Despite the separation, the running back wasn’t short of a parent in his life.

The Colts star remains close to both of his parents to this very day. While he officially uses his mother’s maiden name, he has his dad’s first name – that’s how he shows respect to his folks.

The Indianapolis Colts RB Was Raised Alongside His Siblings By His Mother Alone

Elizabeth Taylor already had four other children from her previous relationship. And, after separating from Jonathan’s dad, she raised her five children on her own.

Growing up, the running back saw his mother work hard – perhaps, that’s where he gets his motivation from. She used to work as a medical technology staff in a local hospital in New Jersey. As a single mother, raising five kids, she worked extra shifts to make ends meet.

Additionally, she was a strict yet loving mother to Taylor and his four siblings. On her part, she did the best she could to raise her children to be humble and respectful.

Jonathan Inherited Athletics Besides Name From His Dad

Besides his name, the running back got his athletic abilities from his father. Many might not know this, but Jonathan James had a successful collegiate career. From 1982 to 1986, he was an asset to the Gators of the San Francisco State University.

Jonathan Taylor gets his name from his father, Jonathan James
The RB’s father proudly clad in the Colts jersey

Furthermore, he had a dream to play in the big leagues. But sadly, James did not qualify for the NBA. According to some sources, he later moved overseas to fulfill his long-lived wish.

Taylor’s Father is His Greatest Cheerleader

Ever since Jonathan began playing football, his dad has been by his side. As a matter of fact, he’s his biggest cheerleader!

Back in the 2021 season, Taylor showed supreme athleticism when he ran for a franchise-record 253 yards against the Jacksonville Jaguars. His performance not only won the game for the Colts but also made them strong before the playoffs.

Watching his son play from the stands, Taylor’s father couldn’t have been prouder. “What makes me so happy is I am seeing the progress, that he put the work in,” said the proud dad.

Expressing his happiness, he said,

You can’t even imagine and speak about how impressed I was. And how excited and overwhelmed I am about how he is performing right now. It’s like a dream! You know? It’s not my son, is it? It’s Jonathan! Wow, it’s great!

The NFL father also emphasized that he’d taught his 25-year-old son to stay focused, and thus, to see him focused was surreal for Mr. Jonathan.

His Mother Was With Him During The 2020 NFL Draft

Taylor was selected in the second round of the 2020 NFL draft by the Indianapolis Colts. It was a dream-come-true moment for the RB that he shared with his friends and family – more importantly, with his mother.

American footballer, Jonathan Taylor uses his mother's maiden name
Elizabeth supported her son before he heard the news regarding his NFL selection

When he got the call about the selection, Elizabeth was right beside him, holding his hand. Along with her was the athlete’s then-girlfriend, Ayanna Chapman sitting on his other side. As soon as he got the good news, the two most important women of his life cheered with joy! It was a happy day for the entire family.

Elizabeth Taylor Doesn’t Miss Any Of Her Son’s Games

In addition to his father, his mother is another one of his greatest fans. Elizabeth Taylor has never missed a single game of her son’s since high school.

Even more so, after he began playing in the big leagues, she could always be caught, cheering for him from the stands. Taylor is truly lucky to have a mother like her.

Where Are The Footballer’s Parents Today?

The sportsman’s mom still resides in his childhood home in Salem, New Jersey. On the other hand, his dad traveled around a lot, before settling down somewhere in New Jersey as well.