Jalen Ramsey’s Father Lamont Ramsey Trained Him In His Youth Days

By SarahPublished on: November 17, 2023 Updated on: February 15, 2024
Birthday October 19, 1972
Birthplace Tennessee
Age 51 years
Son Jalen Ramsey
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The Miami Dolphins cornerback, Jalen Ramsey is one of the finest players in the NFL and the credit goes to his dad, Lamont Ramsey who trained him since he was five. Even now, this young player prefers to train with his dad at their garage rather than on camps.

Apart from being a trainer, Lamont is one of the reputed firefighters of Nashville. Let’s learn more about the NFL dad in this article.

Lamont Ramsey is a Firefighter

Born on October 19, 1970, Ramsey attended Middle Tennessee State University where he used to play football as a quarterback. He has been an emergency medical technician with the Nashville Fire Department since his younger son, Jalen was in middle school.

He is now promoted to Commander of Logistics in the Fire Department. Besides being a firefighter, he is also the owner of the Ramsey Training Program where he trains young athletes.

Lamont Married Margie Ramsey

Lamont and Margie Ramsey got married and settled in Smyrna, Tennessee where they gave birth to their sons, Jamal Ramsey and Jalen Ramsey.

With the little information available about their dating life, we can’t exactly pinpoint if they are still together or have been separated. Nevertheless, they have made a couple of appearances together. Even though we are unsure about their relationship status, we can confirm that they are proud parents.

He Trained Both Of His Sons

Lamont is the father of two sons. His eldest child, Jamal Ramsey was born on July 24, 1991, and his youngest was born three and a half years later. The kids would play games and train together with their dad. Both of his sons played football in high school and college. Besides football, they were also good at basketball and track running.

Lamont Ramsey sons, Jamal and Jalen Ramsey
Lamont’s sons, Jamal and Jalen have each other backs.

Jamal is now married to Briana Ramsey. The married couple has children of their own and they are living together. As for Jalen, he is also a father of three daughters.

He Founded Ramsey Performance Training For His Kids

Lamont was an athlete and wanted his sons to improve their athletic abilities. So, he founded this training program over 20 years ago to train his kids. The program is successful as many youths and athletes train with him. He still uses the same garage to work out that he used to train his children with a mindset that the quality of training matters more than the size of a facility.

Lamont Ramsey and his son, Jalen Ramsey
Jalen trains with his dad, Lamont.

As a matter of fact, Jalen prefers to train with him rather than his teammates even after becoming a renowned NFL player. In 2018, the young player trained with his dad, Lamont in Nashville instead of his team camp because he believed that would prepare him better for the season.

Lamont Is The Disciplinarian Of The Family

Lamont and his son, Jalen appeared on an episode with ESPN’s “Highly Questionable where they shared how he is still tough on his kids even after all these years. He used to discipline through a ‘workbelt’ so that his children would act right. The player shared that when he was a kid he used to get the workbelt every two days. Even in the training program, Ramsey doesn’t like anyone joking around, he wants everyone to train as hard as he does.

Jalen Is Just Like His Dad, Lamont

The father and son duo has frequently shared that they both have the same attitude. Everybody who knows them says that they are just alike. Ramsey has even taken the credit for shaping his son’s attitude. Now Jalen has blossomed into a mini version of his old man. Lamont’s eldest, Jamal even said, “They are the same exact person, only 20 years apart.”

He Is Supportive Of Jalen’s Football Career

Ramsey shared that he was attending the Seminoles’ season opener in Pittsburgh when he got the news that his son, Jalen had been named a starter on his college football team, Florida State. After getting the news, the proud father bawled in front of thousands of people. Lamont recalls it as a proud moment. Ever since then, Ramsey has been by his son’s side training him for his wins.

How Much Is Lamont Ramsey’s Net Worth?

As a reputed officer of the Nashville Fire Department, Lamont has an approximate net worth of around $1 million. Ramsey is living off well. As for his NFL player son, his net worth is estimated to be $60 million in 2024 with a salary of $21 million.

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