Isiah Pacheco’s Parents Lost Two Of Their Children In Two Years

By GloriaPublished on: February 1, 2024 Updated on: February 9, 2024
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Losing two family members was unimaginably difficult for Isiah Pacheco and his family. But what kept the NFL star going was his parents’ faith and support. Likewise, Pacheco is now his family’s biggest pillar of strength.

Here’s bringing you all the details about the footballer’s mom and dad.

Who Are Isiah Pacheco’s parents?

The Kansas City Chiefs running back, Isiah was born on March 2, 1999, to Julio Pacheco and Felicia Cannon, in Vineland, New Jersey. He is the youngest child of his parents.

Isiah Pacheco and his parents
Isiah has a strong bond with his parents.

The 25-year-old’s father and mother come from very different cultural backgrounds. His dad, Julio is Puerto Rican, while his mother, Felicia is reportedly African-American.

Pacheco’s Parents Felicia and Julio Raised five children together

The Pacheco couple is proud parents of five children, Isiah being the youngest of the five. Unfortunately, all their five children aren’t there with them as of now. Julio and Felicia tragically lost their older son Travoise and older daughter Celeste in the years 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Their son Travoise was stabbed to death in 2016

The eldest son of the Pacheco family was killed in January 2016, in Bridgeton, New Jersey. Isiah was only 15 years old when his older brother, Travoise Cannon died. Pacheco said that football played a big part in his relationship with his late brother. He said, Travoise always wanted to be that big brother who stood for him and cheered him on.

NFL star Isiah's lost his older brother in 2016
Isiah’s dressing table is full of his late siblings’ pictures.

Talking about the loss, Isiah said:

My brother, if he was to see me here, he’d be shocked. He encouraged me to play football as a kid and he never got the opportunity to see me play here.

Sadly, the tragedy didn’t just stop there for the family!

Felicia & Julio Pacheco lost their daughter Celeste to a gunshot by her partner in 2017

On September 20, 2017, the Pacheco family got a knock on the door saying their daughter, Celeste died. She was murdered by the father of one of her three children. For Isiah, the news felt crazy. He felt confused, and out of nowhere. He could only remember helping her sister move in and didn’t believe the news.

Knowing that Isiah was so close to his sister when talking about the incident, his father said “That did something to him. Took a chunk of his heart. She was like his second mom.”

Likewise, in an interview with Big Ten Network, his mom said that his strength helped the family. Isiah had supported his mom “It’s going to be alright Mom. I’m sorry for you.”

After his siblings’ death, especially his sister’s, Isiah constantly checks on his parents. He got even closer to them and made his family his topmost priority. Also, as a gesture of love, the running back has even tattooed both his arms in memory of his late siblings.

Isiah Pacheco’s Courage Helped His Parents Deal With Grief

Despite being the youngest child of the family, Pacheco knew he had to be strong and keep doing for his family. His strength and support were something that helped them heal the wound of losing two beautiful children. In the most difficult time, Isiah, the youngest Pacheco boy got the most courageous. Two days after his 24-year-old sister was killed, Isiah won a football match he played for the Vineland High School Fighting Clan football team in September 2017. His victory wasn’t ordinary as he had difficulty losing his closest family member.

Isiah Pacheco with his parents, Felicia Cannon and Julio Pacheco
Isiah has helped his parents deal with grief.

Before the match, when his coach asked whether he wanted to play, he decided to play that week. He said to his coach that he was going to play for his sister. He wanted to make her late sister and her family proud.

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Isiah Plays For His Family

According to Julio, his son started playing at the age of 8. In the same way, Isiah has always been saying he plays for his family and that his family is his “why.” Furthermore, he is very grateful to have the opportunity to play football, as it helps him a lot to not worry about the tragedies that happened.

When talking about his NFL journey, one of his coaches said Isiah loves two things the most; football and family. Further, at the time, when he scored the victory in one of his Rutgers matches in 2019, he said his touchdown was for his mother, who has been through so much in life. He also added that the score was for his late sister and brother too.

In the same way, Isiah remembers his family even when playing on the field. They are his biggest cheerleader, supporting him from the sideline. Fans have mostly found him running towards his family members to gather their love and blessing at any chance he gets.

Isiah’s parents want him to get the most out of his passion. His mother Felicia even said that she only wants him to see his goal in life. Likewise, his father Juilo hopes to make sure the family is good and Isiah succeeds.