Isaiah Simmons’ Girlfriend Received Much Attention During His Draft

By AustinPublished on: February 12, 2024 Updated on: February 12, 2024
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Isaiah Simmons is a standout New York Giants linebacker known for his extensive talents in the National Football League (NFL). His romantic aspect came to light when Isaiah was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in 2020, as his girlfriend, Alexus Danyelle, was there to celebrate his draft with him.

Let’s get right into the couple’s relationship while shedding light on their romantic journey.

Isaiah Simmons’ Girlfriend Was Trending During His Draft

With decent activity on his social media, Simmons has posted little to nothing about his romantic endeavors. A quick glance through his Instagram can deceive people into believing that he might even be single. However, when people saw him kissing Alexus after being selected by the Cardinals, many were shocked.

Furthermore, the beautiful lady was trending on several social media platforms during the draft. And it looks like Isaiah has been in a relationship with her for quite some time.

Isaiah Simmons has a beautiful girlfriend
Isaiah is not single.

Reasons Behind Alexus Danyelle’s Trending

NFL fans are no strangers to WAGs getting catapulted into the spotlight. The 2020 Draft had its own moments. The Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb‘s girlfriend, Crymson Rose, was a hot topic after Lamb snatched his phone back from Rose while she took it from his lap. Similarly, Danyelle was also a topic of discussion, but for a completely different reason.

Well, it was for her good looks and stunning physique. Alexus was just briefly seen in the draft video. In the clip, she hugs and kisses her boyfriend and steps aside to let him have his moment, a sweet gesture heavily noted by some users on X (formerly Twitter).

Someone tweeted the snip with the caption, “Isaiah Simmons’ girlfriend doing her best to remind him she was there before he was rich.” It has now over 16k likes and 5.9k retweets. A reply, “A kiss and stepped to the side to let her man have his shine. A Queen,” even got 10K likes and was retweeted 484 times.

A lot of the tweets were also about her beauty.

Who Is Isaiah Simmons’ Girlfriend Alexus?

The internet was so obsessed with this young lady that it did not take them long enough to find out her name and other details. Firstly, they found her Instagram, @always_lexe. Alexus is decently popular, with just 61 posts. She has over 3.9K followers, following just over 800 people.

Alexus Danyelle’s Instagram was actually public during the draft, and many of her pictures were released. However, she seems to have made it private since.

Isaiah Simmons' girlfriend, Alexus, is a University of Georgia graduate
Alexus maintains private social media accounts.

Besides, the football star’s sweetheart graduated from the University of Georgia.

Are Isaiah And Alexus Still Together?

Well, given their private nature, the answer comes down to speculation. The athlete never posts about his girlfriend, so the lack of pictures could not be attributed to their breakup. The couple is likely still together as Simmons still follows her.

Isaiah Simmons kissing his girlfriend during the draft
Isaiah and Alexus kissing.

Maybe their relationship will be made public soon. For now, as the wide receiver has opted to keep these details private, the focus should be on his career and achievements. They seem to be enjoying one another’s influence in their life away from the spotlight.

Has The Player Got Any Plan To Make Alexus His Wife?

The adorable pair have not shared their plans for their marriage just yet. Nevertheless, given that Isaiah and Alexus have been together for a long time now, they may have figured all of it out. Now may not be the right time for them.

Besides, the footballer is enjoying a grand career, which may demand his focus and time on the field, without any distraction coming from a wife or family. Although many are known to balance out a successful career and wife and kid perfectly, Simmons has not taken the step yet. Hopefully, when he does, he will share the news with his fanbase.