Ann Archambault Leads A Peaceful Life Out Of Media Following Divorce From Joe Buck

By NoahPublished on: September 21, 2023 Updated on: February 9, 2024
Birthday November 30, 1969
Birthplace St. Louis, Missouri
Age 54 years
Husband Joe Buck (ex-husband)
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Ann Archambault is the ex-wife of the lead announcer of Monday Night Football and former NFL commentator Joe Buck. They divorced after 17 years of marriage which produced two daughters. Ann has been leading a low-key life following her divorce which has piqued the curiosity of her well-wishers regarding her whereabouts. 

So what is she doing now? Let’s find out.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ann was born and raised in in St Louis, Missouri.
  • She is basically famous for her now-defunct marriage with former NFL commentator Joe Buck.
  • She has two daughters Natalie and Trudy.
  • Ann and Joe divorced after 18 years together.
  • She lives a private life in Ladue, St. Louis after her divorce from Joe.

Ann Archambault Was Born to Working Class Parents

Ann was born to Thomas Archambault and Jackie Archambault on 30 November 1969. Growing up in a Christian family, in St. Louis, Missouri, Archambault imbibed religious beliefs.

Ann completed her high school at Spring Woods High School, Houston before she moved to Mississippi for further study at the University of Mississippi.

Truth About Ann Cheerleading Days in NFL

If you search Ann on Google, you might end up finding some writings that state she is a former NFL cheerleader. On top of that, some of them have also claimed that Ann is happily married to Scott Kitchel and shares a daughter with him.

However, all these details are false. Many have mistaken an eponymous woman (Ann Buck) for her who happens to be a former NFL cheerleader. As a matter of fact, Ann’s profession is still unknown.

Ann Archambault Was Married To Joe Buck For 18 Years

Ann and the ESPN broadcaster got married in 1993 and led a happily married life for nearly two decades. The two tied the knot on January 23, 1993, in front of their friends and family. The former husband and wife started dating in middle school and had been on and off ever since before finally getting married.

The Interesting Story Of Joe’s Proposal

Joe had prepared a plan to propose to his then-girlfriend Archambault in a kind of unique and audacious way. It was just days after Ann graduated from Ole Miss when Joe invited her to join Mike Shannon’s KMOX postgame show. As Ann said, it was a rainy day and she was all ready to have some drinks with her friends, but little did she know what Joe had in his mind.

Ann and her ex-husband Joe Buck
Ann Archambault and her ex-husband Joe Buck.

Shortly after she reached there, Joe took her to the side room. And to her surprise, Joe went down on his knees! Ann was overjoyed and obviously said “YES.” As a matter of fact, Ann was unaware that the proposal was being broadcast live on the radio, and as she said yes, the restaurant burst into applause.

Joseph Francis Buck (Joe) used to work as a commentator for both the National Football League and Major League Baseball. Presently, he holds the position of the primary announcer for Monday Night Football.

Ann Has Two Daughters with Her Ex-Spouse

Archambault gave birth to two daughters, Natalie Buck, and Trudy Buck with her ex-husband Joe Buck. Natalie Buck, their first child, born on June 7, 1996, worked as a wardrobe assistant at Fox Sports in the past. Natalie was fascinated by journalism so she took it major at the University of Bloomington. Regarding her love life, she has been dating Bobby Ciapciak for a long time. She often shares photos with her beau on her Instagram (@nattiebuck).

Ann with her two daughters Natalie and Trudy
Ann with her two daughters Natalie and Trudy.

Ann’s younger daughter Trudy Buck, born in 1999, is a Cinematic Arts graduate from the University of Southern California. She was fond of storytelling ever since she was a kid and loved reading.

About Her Divorce

In 2011, after nearly 18 years together, Ann and Joe divorced. They split up due to irreconcilable differences. Despite their divorce, Ann and Joe are on good terms. She is often seen with her ex-husband and daughters on vacations and festivals.

Ann Archambault with her ex-husband and daughters
Ann Archambault with her ex-husband and two daughters.

Archambault has remained below the media radar after her divorce, so there is no info about her current relationship status. On the other hand, her ex has already moved on and has been leading a happily married life with his second wife, Michelle Beisner-Buck. Together, they have twin boys Blake Andrew and Wyatt Joseph, who were born on April 26, 2018.

Where Is Ann Now?

Ann likes to live a relatively private life. At present, she is living a peaceful life in Ladue, St. Louis. She rarely makes public appearances and is only seen sometimes on her daughters’ socials.

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