Allen Lazard’s Parents Have Been By His Side Since Day One

By GloriaPublished on: January 17, 2024 Updated on: February 23, 2024
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Allen Lazard was never new to the game of football. Thanks to his father and his brother, he just knew which path he wanted to follow. The footballer’s parents have played a great role in his progressing career and the defensive tackle seems to appreciate his folks every step of the way.

But what is Allen’s parent’s story? Was his father a footballer too? Discover everything about the people who have been by the athlete’s side since day one.

Allen Lazard’s Parents are Together For Nearly Three Decades

Allen was born to Kevin Lazard and Mary Lazard on December 11, 1995. A year after his birth, Kevin and Mary exchanged vows on 21 September 1996.

Allen Lazard's parents Kevin and Mary Lazard with their family
Kevin and Mary have a long and happy marriage.

The lovely couple celebrated their 25th marriage anniversary on 21 September 2021. On the special occasion, senior Lazard posted a beautiful picture of their wedding along with their two children. The duo welcomed their first two children, Anthony and Allen, before their marriage.

The pair have been together for nearly three decades and are still madly in love. They reportedly met at Iowa State University(ISU) and became lovers. Kevin studied at the university from 1989 to 1994 while Mary studied at the uni between 1988 to 1992.

Despite their racial differences, the couple persevered through everything to make their relationship work.

Kevin Lazard Is A Big Name In The Field Of Finance

Like Allen, his parents too have been doing great in their professional lives. Kevin who grew up in Houston Texas, currently works as a Personal Financial Representative at Primerica.

Allen Lazard with his father Kevin Lazard
Allen’s old man, Kevin, has over 17 years of experience in the field of finance.

Before that, Kevin worked at Iowa State University as a System Analyst II for 10 years. In his long career, he has been engaged as an analyst in various companies like Xpanxion, Principal Financial Group, and ARAG Group.

Lazard Moved to Iowa After Receiving a Scholarship

Kevin received his high school diploma from Bellflower High School in 1989 after his family moved to the Los Angeles suburb of Bellflower. However, after receiving a scholarship from ISU, he moved to Iowa and studied Bachelor of Arts in Management of Information and graduated in 1994.

Furthermore, Kevin completed his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix in 2009.

Kevin Was a Footballer As Well

Back in his high school days, Allen’s father Kevin was a sub-six foot, skinny guy who didn’t have ideal characteristics as a footballer. The sport terrified him. But he hustled hard and tackled to earn his presence as a high school footballer. As he persevered, he got a scholarship offer from Iowa State University and became a Cyclone player from 1990 to 1993.

With his strong mentality and fixed gaze on success, Kevin got the co-captainship, as a senior in 1993 for the Cyclone. During his tenure, Kevin registered 2 interceptions and 50 tackles at defensive back. However, after college in 1994, he didn’t get drafted, so he decided not to carry on with his athletic career.

Nevertheless, Kevin couldn’t cut ties with football. For 3 years Kevin served as an Assistant Coach at Urbandale High School, from 2008 to 2012. Allen had also attended the school at the same time, so, Kevin used to coach Allen from the sideline.

Allen Followed his Father’s Footsteps to Cyclone

The 28-year-old grew up seeing his father’s Cyclone jersey hanging on the wall and his father’s football helmet on display. Likewise, Allen certainly heard stories about how his dad defeated Oklahoma in 1990. There’s no doubt that Junior Lazard’s core inspiration as an athlete is his father.

Allen Lazard's family
Allen’s father, Kevin, played at the ISU for 3 years.

As a highly-rated recruit even at the very inception of his career, all eyes were on Allen. He had received lucrative offers from leading schools like Nebraska, Notre Dame, and Stanford. But the news came down as a shock to everyone, including his parents, when he committed to ISU after high school. It is quite apparent that for Allen, choosing ISU had more to do with his roots than anything else.

Despite the uncertainty about Allen’s decision, his parents were very supportive of him. They wanted the best for him while encouraging him to make the decision independently.

Allen was in the news for doing something his father never could

Even though the news might sound intimidating, we are sure Kevin’s heart swelled with pride when he heard his young son did something he never could. The New York Jets athlete won against Iowa when playing for the Cyclone in 2014, making it a once-in-a-lifetime victory.

As a young footballer, talking about his win, Allen said,

“It was a huge honor being from the state of Iowa, having my dad play in this game — and he never won against Iowa”

Allen’s mom Mary Lazard has a Long Experience in Teaching

Mary was previously a Teacher at West Marshall Community School. Before that, she taught at Des Moines Public Schools. She has almost 10 years of experience in teaching.

Before that, Mary worked at the Lutheran Church of Hope as a production assimilation coordinator. Likewise, she was also engaged in supervising and coordinating roles at Youth and Shelter Services, Marshalltown Community Schools, and SportsPlex West.

Mary received a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree from Iowa State University. Afterwards, she completed her course on Reading Endorsement from Drake University in 2011.

The Lazard Parents Have Raised Four Children Together

Kevin and Mary are proud parents to 4 kids: 3 sons and a daughter. The couple raised their children in Des Moines, Iowa. They have raised all their little ones to do great in their lives.

Allen Lazard's family
The Lazard family loves to enjoy quality time every once in a while.

The Lazard parents’ oldest child, Anthony Lazard, is currently the Applied Sport Science Coordinator and Assistant Director for Football Sports Performance at Stanford University. He also played for the Iowa State Cyclone from 2013 to 2016. Likewise, his lover is Lindsey Hunt, who is also very close to his family.

Kevin and Mary’s third child is Attiya Lazard, who is also their only daughter. She has a great passion for art and is a second-year Architecture student at Iowa State University.

Last but not least, the Lazard couple’s youngest child is Manny Lazard, a gaming enthusiast.

The Pair Has Fun Moments With Their Kids

Kevin and Mary love to spend as much time as they get with their children. They are found traveling to different places every so often. Likewise, the family had a lovely trip to Puerto Rico in July 2022.

Allen Lazard's family
Kevin and Mary went on a trip with their children.

Despite their busy professional lives, the Lazard family makes time to gather and have quality time. Apart from that, they also gather together to cheer Allen for his matches quite often.

Allen’s Family is his Backbone

From supporting Allen at the inception of his career to being his rock while he dealt with the most shattering time of his career, Kevin and Mary have always had his back. The NFL star has often appreciated his family for supporting him.

Likewise, in March 2023, talking about the roller coaster ride in his life, he thanked his close friends and his family for sticking with him in difficult times.