Both of Alex Highsmith’s Parents Are Educators at School

By CarolPublished on: January 9, 2024 Updated on: February 21, 2024
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Alex Highsmith, the linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, thinks highly of his parents. He is a devoted and loving son of his religious father and mother. They instilled in him their beliefs and taught him the most important lessons of life.

You could also say that the Highsmith couple made their son the man he is today. Therefore, it’s high time we get to know them a little.

Alex Highsmith’s Devoted Christian Parents

Sam Highsmith and Pamela Highsmith are the footballer’s Chrisitan parents. The pair welcomed their darling little boy on 7th August 1997.

NFL athlete, Alex Highsmith is the son of his Christian parents
Mr. and Mrs. Highsmith on their way to support their son

Additionally, Sam and Pam have a younger daughter, Lauryn Highsmith. She was born on the 29th of August. His sis, Lauryn is a well-read woman with an undergraduate degree in Human Development and Family Studies. On 26th March 2022, she married the love of her life, Elliot Millner.

Sam and Pamela raised both of their kids in a Christian household. This is why, Alex, to this day, preaches gospels wherever and whenever he can. Back in the day, the family of four used to enjoy all the festivities together.

Meet Sam Highsmith; The Head Of The Family

The Steelers LB’s father is an intelligent old man who prioritizes his family above everything else. He celebrates his birthday every year on 28th October and is in his mid to late 50s.

An alum of John T. Hoggard High School, Mr. Highsmith is a native of Wilmington. He holds a degree in International Relations/HR from the Univeristy of North Carolina, Chappel Hill. Sam also has a Master in School Administration degree from UNCW.

Furthermore, the man began his career as an educator at the Ashley High School. He retired as a Principal from the same institution.

Besides, the athlete’s dad works alongside his son. Together with his son, he runs the Alex Highsmith Family Foundation. On top of this, he manages Team Highsmith Shop as well. Not only this, but he’s also a part-time medical courier.

Pamela Highsmith; The Matriarch

His mom, Pamela, aka, Pam is the glue that holds the Highsmith family together. Pam was born on 22nd October 1972.

Just like her husband, Mrs. Highsmith is in the educational sector as well. She works as a maths teacher at a local school around her neighborhood.

Alex’s Father Sam Believes “Money Is Not Everything”

In July 2023, Alex signed a new five-year contract worth $68 million with the Pittsburgh Steelers. As the news broke out, his father was interviewed by multiple journalists.

Sam is aware that his son is not only famous but is also filthy rich as he begins his NFL journey. Word of advice from him, he always taught his son to invest rather than boast about his wealth. During one of such interviews, he said,

“The money he’s made over the past three years, he’s invested — he hasn’t touched it.”

Moreover, the former school principal greatly believes that “money is not everything”. He’s also taught this lesson to his son. Additionally, Highsmith expressed that people should recognize his son for who he is, not for the money he owns.

He further added,

“It’s more of a recognition that he’s arrived and he’s one of the best as opposed to the actual money in his pocket. And I mean that sincerely and people who have known me all my life know that I’m not just saying that.”

Regardless of the money his son gets, Sam will forever be proud that his son got to play in the NFL.

The Steelers LB Is Grateful To His Parents; He’s All About Giving Back

His stature, career, fame, and fortune – Alex owes everything to his beloved parents, and he makes sure to never forget that.

Alex Highsmith is a devoted son to his Christian parents
On a fun father-son getaway – Alex with his father, Sam

We constantly see him spending quality time with his folks or showing them expensive gifts. On the recent Father’s Day, he took his dad to a nice father-son trip. Based on a couple of photos over the Internet, the duo had a lovely time in each other’s company.


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On a similar note, in 2021, he surprised his mother with a brand-new car. He gifted Pam a new Toyota SUV and posted her reaction to the surprise on his Instagram. The fans were taken away by the linebacker’s gesture.

Besides His Parents, Highsmith’s Grandmother Is His Greatest Supporter

As the linebacker was drafted by the NFL’s Steelers in 2020, his 92-year-old grandmother “got out of her recliner and began dancing” with joy. More than the player’s selection, fans were excited to see his paternal grandma’s love for him.

When interviewed, Alex expressed,

“It meant so much. I love her so much and to see her get up and dance and have joy like she did just brought a lot of joy to me. She killed it and had rhythm too.”

To add further, she’s never missed a game of her boy till today. In fact, she’s one of the biggest fans the footballer could have – his grandmother wears his jersey every time his game is on!

Sam And Pam Always Defends Their Son

In December 2023, the Highsmith pair expressed their opinion on Twitter, following Highsmith’s injury. During the Steelers game against the New England Patriots, Alex suffered a small neck injury. His teammates, along with his father and mother were furious with the “no-call” and expressed their anger on Twitter.

Alex Highsmith's parents, Sam Highsmith and Pam Highsmith are respectable teachers in North Carolina
The LB posing with his parents

Sam had it enough with the ref. He implied that it was a “regular occurrence” for his son in games week by week. Likewise, his mother also pleaded for a holding cell.

Moreover, the athlete himself wasn’t okay with how he and his team were treated.

Where Do Alex’s Parents Live In The Current Day And Age?

The Highsmiths still live in their family home in Wilmington, North Carolina. From time to time, they travel together to new places. Moreover, the devoted parents also do not miss their son’s games; we often see them cheering their son from afar.

To add, the player’s father has a famous social media presence. Sam constantly lets the fans know what he and his wife are up to through his Instagram page – it has over 1,700 followers already.